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My tangle pattern: Sisilhoa & variations

This pattern is sort of a freeform weave, more structured than Hollibaugh, but looser than Rick's Parallel.  The last panel shows ways to vary it by adding texture in-between.  Enjoy!

New way to do Nzeppel tangle.

The official zentangle newsletter just came out, and features a new, easier way to do Nzeppel.

Link to pattern 'Riverstones'

Lori Howe has posted the instructions to her pattern, Riverstones, at Freehand Doodle Patterns.

Links to patterns by Kyra Sanders and Lacemuse

Bonanza day!!!!

Kyra Sanders (aka scrapacat) and Lacemuse (aka KatieMackaysbathworks) have posted instructions to several patterns, at Freehand Doodle Patterns.

Conch Shell

Trumpet flowers
Lucious Sprout
Googly Bird
Gonzo Condo
Field of Dreams
Blooming Appealing

My tangle pattern: Bric-A-Brac

What would we do without cubbyholes, for tucking away this and that?
That's why I created this pattern--
for all our Bric-A-Brac.

My tangle pattern: Greating

As I was walking down the street one day, A block of grating lay in my way. This grating was great, and 3D too, So I turned it into a pattern for you!

My tangle pattern: Mizesse

It might not surprise you, if you been following my tangle patterns, but Mizesse is inspired by a geometrical pattern. The more tangles I do, and the more attention I pay to the structure of things--the more I realize that nature is a mathmetician!

Links to patterns by Carole Ohl and Vicki Murray

Carole Ohl has posted the instructions to Afterglo at her blog, and Vicki Murray has posted instructions for Wertz, Jitterz, and Karpet and PokeFire, at Tangles to Try.

Links to patterns by Lori Howe

Lori Howe (aka Lacefairy1) has posted instructions to 5 of her patterns at Freehand Doodle Patterns.

Clay Tiles

My tangle pattern: Sheepshank

This isn't a Celtic knot--just a good, old-fashioned useful one, but it's kinda cool, anyway!

Link to pattern 'Chevron'

Suzanne McNeil has posted the instructions to 'Chevron' at her blog.  Enjoy

My tangle pattern: Festoon

This is another pattern that I've had requests for.  It's one I've had in my collection for quite a while, and for some reason just never posted.  I've done it as a single, but you could also use it in a grid and repeat the pattern in each square.  Just make sure to give yourself some room!

Link to Pattern 'Shattuck' with tips and variations

Vicki Murray has posted a version of Shattuck, using a different method, with tips and some variations.

Linda Farmer, of , has supplied a link to the backstory for Vicki's post on Shattuck, and that makes this a good post to remind you to check out her site regularly.  She is constantly updating.  It's the best site for finding that tangle you remember seeing but the name eludes you.  Her drawings of the patterns make it an invaluable reference.

My tangle pattern: Woggle

I've found this to be the hardest of all the knots I've done so far.  Hopefully, you will have an easier time of it. 
Tips: Study all the steps before beginning.  If you know what's coming, you will space your circles and triangles well and you'll have much better luck.
Even though I've noted a direction for the loop sections, I recommend trying them both ways, and going with what works for you. 
Try turning your page after each loop section so you aren't trying to figure out how to do the section backwards or upside down as you progress around the circle.
Be sure to color in the triangles before starting the loop sections (at least until you are comfortable with the pattern).  The triangles will disappear, among the lines otherwise, and make it harder for you to stay oriented.
Practice first.  If you are having trouble, don't try more than 3 times before allowing at least 1/2 hour to pass.  You can actually teach yourself to draw things incorrectly if you kee…

My tangle pattern: Smiley

A friend recently traveled to Italy for 3 weeks.  Some of the pictures she brought back were of a striped cathedral.  I immediately saw tangle potential.  But when I sat down to work some out, this is what appeared.  How could I not save him?  He looks so friendly!
For those of you who prefer a less 'friendly' tangle for your works, I've included a more traditional version.  Whichever you use, enjoy!

Links to tangle patterns by Lori Howe

Lori Howe (Lacefairy1) has posted the instructions to three of her patterns at Freehand Doodle patterns:

Sticks n' Stones

They bold and bright and lots of fun.  Enjoy

My tangle pattern: Flameengo (a pattern of the crittur doodle kind)

I wanted something to put in the corners of an origami wallet I was making. I used Pitt brush pens to color the background and it looked rather tropical. I'd just seen this ad from Xerox using a flamingo, and thus this pattern was born.

The wallet is folded from Tyvek.  A bit hard to work on, but it makes a really cool, lightweight wallet.

My tangle pattern: Petalfold

I'm dedicating this pattern to my friend Carey, who does beautiful Origami ATCs (check out her Flickr site).      She'll recognize the origami here, immediately.  I don't know why I didn't think of doing patterns from Origami before.  Some of the folds are beautiful!

Link to Jane Monk giveaway

Jane Monk is holding a giveaway on her blog, for a beautiful zentangled thermos mug.   The drawing is for June 21st.  You need to comment, and place a link back to the drawing on your own blog.

Go forth and win (if I don't, then you should, lol!)

Link to three new patterns by Flowerlady56

Flowerlady56 has posted three new patterns at Freehand Doodle Patterns.


Origami sites

After seeing the zentangle pyramid that was featured in the Zentangle blog yesterday, TinkeredArt has started a discussion at the Zentangle flickr group about origami sites that have instructions for folding pyramids and other box shapes.  Looks like fun!

My tangle pattern: Interlace

Another celtic inspired pattern.  This one makes a nice border or string.

Link to pattern 'Hollibaugh'

Suzanne McNeil has posted the instructions to the official zentangle pattern, Hollibaugh.

My tangle pattern: Thlychum

I think this was a flashback to the '60's!  Don't stare at it too long or you might get dizzy, lol!

My tangle pattern: Amanita (a pattern of the crittur doodle kind)

Mushrooms seem to be a popular object for zentanglers. I think mine look more like aliens, but I thought I'd share them anyway, lol! Just be sure not to eat any of them!

Link to tangle pattern Flutterpie

The steps to the pattern Flutterpie can be found at Caroline Ohl's blog.

Links to tangles by Caroline Ohl

I discovered a new CZT, who blogs and shares some of her patterns.  So far Caroline has posted instructions to her patterns, Lavajuice, and InAPod

Ah!  I love when I find a new source of tangles!

Links to Patterns 'Lizzier', 'Sammy' and 'Buggies'

SkinnyStrayCat has posted the instructions to three of her cool patterns.  These are fun!

Links to patterns by Flowerlady56 and TinkeredArt

Flowerlady56 and TinkeredArt have posted instructions to several pattern at Freehand Doodle Patterns.





My tangle pattern: MotherMaidenCrone

Here's a version of the triple spiral symbol, which more or less represents the power of femininity. It seemed to be made for tangling with.

My tangle pattern: Quatrinity

Remember that easy Celtic knot, Trifoil, that I posted a few days ago? Well, Quatrinity is one of the things that you can do with it, lol. Keep that in mind and this tangle will be as easy as pie (a really fancy, elaborate pie).

Link to patterns C-Snake, Floom, and Whing.

Jane Monk (BlueJaneM) has posted instruction to three of her patterns, at her blog.

My tangle pattern: Aegis

Aegis is essentially the same as Trifoil, except that it is 4-sided.  It's simple, but you can sure do some nice things with it!

Link to tangle pattern 'Stacks'

Suzanne McNeil has posted the instructions to her tangle 'Stacks' as well some beautiful paintings she has done.

Link to pattern 'Twisted Rope'

LittleBrownWren has posted the instructions to her pattern, Twisted Rope, at Freehand Doodle Patterns!  It's quick and elegant and easy!

My tangle pattern: Interweave

The second of my Celtic knot patterns.  Enjoy!

My tangle pattern: Trifoil

Okay. This week's official obsession is with Celtic knots. I've been playing with them forever, but with the breakthrough I discovered in creating 'Intersect', I've got the key. I don't know if I'll ever crack some of the truly complex ones, but I'm going to try, lol!

For now, though, a simple one. I recommend playing with this one before using it in a zen. Our brains tend to be lazy. They want to focus on the whole thing, instead of looking at the repetitions within. Once you get past that tendency, the pattern is easy.

My tangle pattern: Warangaie

Here's a simple pattern that pops nicely to life with a little shading. 
Note that in the example art below, I am using several patterns from members of my new flickr group, Freehand Doodle Patterns.  I started it so that people could post their tangle patterns in a common place making it easier for you, the hopelessly addicted zentangle enthusiast, to find that pattern you saw, but can't remember where.  Lol!  Or am I just projecting myself onto everyone else?

My tangle pattern: Linelism, a tangle showing how to shade in color

I've seen a lot of discussion about color in zentangle/zendoodling and worries about it overpowering the zen or causing too much thought which might pop the person out of the 'zen' mode.  So-o-o I came up with a pattern designed to help you use very subtle coloring.  I'm using lines, because it helps you keep the color softer, but you could use a scumbling effect (using the side of a pencil lightly).  The other advantage of line is that you can easily use colored pens, versus pencils or pastels.
The idea to keep in mind is blue shadows on snow--atmostpheric, soft, beautiful. This was supposedly the inspiratation for impressionism, and this method borrows heavily from that discipline.
The first tip--how to avoid thought?  That's fairly simple.  Choose your colors before you start.  Alternate them, and apply more color toward the bottom of the fluffball.
The second tip--use a paper that is rough.  Watercolor paper is a good choice.  You'll get a scumbling effect wit…

Links to patterns Pea-pops and Su-zy

Skinnystraycat has posted the instructions to her patterns at the zentangle flickr group.  They are so adorable!

My tangle pattern: Efilys

I have no idea where the inspiration for this one came.  It's a little wintery, but also reminds of 50's 'beat' kind of art.  Enjoy!

Link to pattern Zipit

BluejaneM has posted the instructions to her pattern, Zipit, at the Zentangle flickr group.  It's a great one to use as a string!

My tangle pattern: Venn

Here's an easy little pattern that looks a little like olives sitting on fruit slices, lol!  It makes a fun string or border.  Enjoy!

Link to tangle pattern 'Black Box'

Suzanne McNeil has posted the instructions to her tangle pattern, Black Box.

My tangle pattern: Fatopyr

Here's some more geometric homework.  Circles and diamonds tonight, and some shading to make them 3D.   For a variation, look at the detail I took from my 'World Map' drawing where I left some of the tangle unshaded, and transitioned to the 3D.   Isn't this a wonderful world?  Circles.  Diamonds.  A dash of darker lines, and just look what you can do!

Link to Pattern: Raindotty & Scrumble

BlueJaneM posted the instructions for her tangle pattern, Raindotty, at the zentangle flickr group.  She also has a pattern, Scrumble, at her blog, Jane Monk studio.

Hey, how come nobody told me I was missing out on this fine artist?  You've all got to let me know when I'm being stupid! (Well, maybe not all the time. But definitely when I'm missing tangle patterns, lol!)

Link to pattern: Chemystery

Toni Henneman has posted a method of using the tangle 'Hollibaugh' as a string, and the instructions to Sandy Bartholmew's pattern 'Chemystry'.

My tangle pattern: Grophlog

More geometric shapes!  Squares and circles, circles and squares.  In the pattern instructions, I've placed the alternating circles and squares into a ribbon shape.  In the example from my wallet, you can see that I used a variation, making it more of a free-form, and using a different dark/light pattern.  Either way, it's distinctive and adds a rather rakish quality to your zen!