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My tangle pattern: Birance

Today's tangle looks like it should be easy.  But when you start on step 3, your eyes can be dazzled by all the lines, and you can lose track of which way to draw them.  Possible ways to avoid that are turning your tile, working in two different colors, or covering part of the finished area as you go (or all 3 of these).  Once you become familiar with the tangle the disorientation should go away.  
The example I've posted is from a zen I have just started. Noted how loosely I've drawn the diamonds and lines.  It's okay to do that, and it will help you from getting frustrated while you learn.  One day when you are zipping along and suddenly realize the pattern doesn't get confusing anymore, you can try precision.  If you even want to by then, lol! 

Link to 7 new tangles, and variations on Cadent

What a day for new tangles!

Carole Ohl has posted instructions to her tangle Voxter.

Jane Monk has posted instructions to six new tangles 'Loave It', 'Fern', 'Amaze', 'Scrolls', 'Connector', and 'Click Clack'.

The latest zentangle newsletter is out.  No new tangles, but there are some ideas on different ways to use the cadent tangle.

Link to tangle pattern 'Pinwheels'

Suzanne McNeil has posted the pattern to her tangle Pinwheels.

My tangle pattern: Uncherys

One of the things that I don't like about the way most people are taught drawing, in the beginning, is the focus on line.  You have to get a way into learning before anyone mentions that negative space--the white stuff between the lines.  It can be as important, if not more so than the lines are.  As you work on this pattern, try focusing on the white shape that is forming between your dark spaces.  It should be fairly uniform all around.  Take note of how the corners of your lines and triangles and half circles match up. 
If you learn to 'read between the lines' you'll notice when your tangle is getting out of balance.  You might be able to adjust to bring it back into balance, or decide to exaggerate and turn your knot into a animal balloon shape, or flower--the unexpected twist can be the best.  If you scroll below the pattern steps I've included a 'chart' of sorts.  It show Uncherys as a line drawing, a solid with no lines, and only the spaces with arro…

My tangle pattern: Liriope

I get a little paranoid when offering an easy pattern, but those are always the first that others think of.  I don't think I've every seen this anywhere though.  Let me know if you have.

Link to tangle pattern Kuzek

Laura Harms, aka I am the Diva, has posted instructions to a Cadent variation, 'Kuzek'.  I have to say I'm familiar with this variation because I often accidentally do it if I'm not paying attention, lol!  As Laura says--a perfect example of the fact that there are no mistakes in Zentangle!

Links to tangle patterns Sooflower and Flish

SkinnyStrayCat has posted instructions to two of her patterns, Sooflower, and Flish, at Freehand Doodle Patterns.

My tangle pattern: Osciallate

Here's a pattern that start's like Trifoil but gets fancier.  It took me a while to get the three circles even, but while I was looking at one of my first attempts a notion hit me.  I added some loops and flourishes, and suddenly my knot was a flower.  After playing around a while, I discovered the floral version actually looks better if the circles are not even. 
So this is a win-win Celtic knot.  If you get everything perfect, leave it be.  If there is uneveness, go natural and create a flower!
The general tips apply-look over all the steps before starting, and practice (best on graph paper) before you use it in a zen.  Note how the loops all come back to each other.
For this tangle in particular, give yourself space but stay small, lol.  Don't draw a square and try to make them fit.  But note that my initial curves are about 2-3 squares long.  Otherwise, your knot will get too big and the circles will be difficult to keep rounded.
Most of all, don't stress.  Let your t…

Link to tangle pattern Brix.

Vicki Murray has posted the instructions to her tangle pattern Brix.

My tangle pattern: Dizessa

I've been reading Aidan Meehan's 'Celtic Design: A Beginner's Manual'.  He's, like, the Guru of Celtic design.  I'm realy slow getting through the book, because I keep stopping to play around with the ideas he's giving me.
It does present somewhat of a problem for me though.  Aidan is showing us how to use techniques that are ancient.  He uses the dot-graph method, which I'm too sloppy and impatient for.  I'm going to try and come up with techniques that are more zentangle friendly, but if I don't feel I've substantially changed the steps or just used his techniques to create my own pattern, then I won't be able to share them with you.  I highly recommend the book, if you want to learn a lot more about Celtic spirals, step and key patterns (but not braiding or knots), and Illuminated letters.  (Hah!  That got ya, didn't it?) 
As with yesterday's pattern, Grapple, I created this design by playing around with a pattern that coul…

My tangle pattern: Grapples

Did anybody try it out from yesterday's post?

Tangle teaser

I'm feeling like a scamp today, so I'm going to tease you with the piece of a pattern and a challenge.

                      Make a grid with at least 4 squares.   Something like this:

And then fill each square with this pattern.   It's nothing fancy but I thought it seemed like fun!

Link to pattern' Hurakan'

Carole Ohl has posted instructions to her pattern 'Hurakan' at her blog, Open Seed Arts.

Link to tangle pattern 'Sheeko'

Vicki Murray has posted the instructions to 'Sheeko' at her Tangles to Try-Oklahoma Zentangle fans.

I'm a couple of days late on these two (sorry about that!):

Carole Ohl posted instructions to 'Daggerly' at her blog, Open Seed Arts.

Toni Henneman has set up a 'Tangles Page', where you can find all her tangles.  They aren't all there yet, but some of her earlier ones are, so now's your chance to make sure you've seen them all!

Link to Tangle Pattern: Grass Border

Suzanne McNeil has posted the instructions to Grass Border at her blog.  The post has an interesting link to a video on zentangling a purse.  I watched that, and saw several links to other zentangle/zendoodle videos.  I don't have time to watch them now, but I foresee some video watching in the near future!

And you know, I missed Suzanne's announcement that she has put out a 3rd zentangle book, (I think.  It's been a long week, and my memory is tired, lol).  Sandy Bartholomew has put up an interesting post about
metal zentangling, and Suzanne's book, too.  No tangles, sadly.

My tangle pattern: Tinctoria

I was playing around and this pattern started taking shape.  I was really excited--how original!  But of course it isn't.  I soon realized it's a pattern I've seen on several sites dealing with geometric design.  I'm pretty sure it's been in one or more of the Friday Dover samplers, so I'll give them the credit.  The steps are all my own though, straight from my fevered brain.

New Links to Patterns by Linda Farmer and Donna Hornsby

If you haven't heard of Linda Farmer then you probably haven't visited  I hope my blog helps you find the new patterns just posted.  Linda Farmer has created an encyclopedia of pattern links with tags to make searching easy.  She's in the process of adding pictures of the finished patterns, so you'll recognize that exact one you were looking for.  Hers is the site you go to, if you are looking for a pattern you saw months ago.  It's the place you go if you want to see patterns by a specific person.  It's the place to go if you just want to wallow in vault of tangle patterns.  Her site's a massive project and one we zentangle addicts should all thank her for!

She has taken a break from posting the whereabouts of tangles patterns to create her first -- Zin.  It's lovely and fun, and will enhance any zentangle it graces.

While checking out Zin, I happened to notice directions to some of Donna Hornsby's patterns that I had missed. Th…

Links to patterns by Carole Ohl, SkinnyStrayCat & Lori Howe

I'm busy for a few days, and all sorts of patterns pop up!

From Carol Ohl: Shard

From SkinnyStrayCat: Bulb Lantern

From Lori Howe: Bowties & Pawnbridge

I'll be in and out this week

Real life has presented me with several projects to take care of this week, so I'll only be dropping by here and there.  I'll try and post, but it probably won't be every day.


Links to Pattern 'Bulb lantern'

SkinnyStrayCat has post the instructionst to her pattern 'Bulb Lantern' as well as an interesting history of the pattern.

Redo of Aegis and Trifoil patterns

Based on feedback for Quaternary, it seems as though the steps were much easier to follow, so I decided I'd redo the other Celtic knots in a similar fashion.  I'm trying to emphasize building the knot from inside out.When I do it this way, it feels to me like a song.  A refrain, then the chorus, a refrain then the chorus.  Or--maybe more like--the finger bone connected to the hand bone, lol. Anyhoo.  I've filled in the negative spaces.  It isn't necessary to do that, but it is more visual for my purposes here, and I think it is a help in the beginning, to keep your oriented.  I hope you find this helpful!

My tangle pattern: Ersatz

Here's a pattern I've had for dog's ages and just never gotten around to posting.  It can be tedious, but I love to do it. 
Tips:  Overlap each row of lines.  Vary how much you overlap. Vary the length, direction and curve of the strokes here and there. This will look better if you DON'T make the lines precise.  I've added spots and stripes, but it looks cool without them too.

Link to tangle pattern COPF

Ildi has posted the instructions to her pattern 'COPF' at Freehand Doodle Patterns.

My tangle pattern: Toobing

Note that I didn't draw the pipes in the first step in red.  Because they aren't actually part of the pattern.  Toobing can go most anywhere, with any other design that has a shape-anything that can be wrapped around.  Don't worry if lines show through--Toobing is clear!  Enjoy!

My tangle pattern: Quaternary

Here's the tangle Quaternary.  Not to be confused with Quatiny or Quatrinity, lol! Even I get low on names occasionally.
I've done more steps than usual.  The pattern isn't more difficult and doesn't have more steps than usual.  I'm just breaking down the steps into smaller bits. Still trying to come up with the best method of showing you how to do these.  Let me know if I'm improving or getting worse!
Tips:  Look at all the steps before beginning. Practice a few times before using in a zen.  Preferably on graph paper (I certainly do). Note the slant connecting the lines in step 2.  This is to make the circle easier to draw. Note that as the boxes are added you are building the inside of the circle. Don't worry about getting them exactly right but let what you've built in preceding steps guide you.  This is an occasion to look back rather than forward!  * Trust the zen, Luke* Don't repeat your practice Quaternary more than 3 times before taking a break. …

Improved (hopefully) version of Harmpsal

Gabriel Productions asked for another step between six and seven.  Here 'tis, and I hope it does the trick.  If not, let me know, and ever intrepid, I'll try once again!

Link to tangle Patterns Torchon Lace and Eyelet Lace

Lori Howe has posted the steps to two new patterns, Torchon Lace and Eyelet Lace.

My Tangle pattern: Skepherling

It's a weave, but it's just the good, old back and forth.  Kind of refreshing, lol! 

Link to patterns 'Snowzags' and 'Heartvine'

Lori Howe, aka Lacefairy1, has posted the steps to her patterns 'Snowzags' and 'Heartvine' at Freehand Doodle Patterns.

Link to Tangle Patterns 'Twisted Blob' and 'Cracked'

Lori Howe has posted steps to the pattern 'Cracked', and Lisa Rene has posted the steps to 'Twisted Blob'!  Enjoy!

My tangle pattern: Harmpsal

I didn't have too much time for drawing this week-end so I only did one version of the steps.  I'll do up another if anyone would like me to.

Please note that I've used Laura Harms 'Kofeforn' tangle.  Check out her blog if you haven't already!

Link to Pattern Kofeforn

One of the newly certified zentangle teachers 'I am the Diva' has posted the instructions to her pattern 'Kofeforn'.

I didn't see her real name (or who knows 'Iam Thediva' is kind of a cool name, lol! You know how I like strange names!)  I shouldn't joke around until she knows how welcome she is--why don't you pop over to her blog and let her know?

P.S.  I looked closer at the writing in tangle steps.  Laura Harms is the name I missed, write in front of my eyes!

My tangle pattern: O-Neg & variations

How do you know when you've been watching too many vampire movies?  When you come up with pattern names like O-Neg, lol!  In art, a shape made from white space surrounded by darker is called negative space.  This pattern is an negative O shape.  More or less!
With the exception of my pattern 'O-Neg' all the patterns in this work are the brainchild of Flowerlady57. The instructions to her patterns can be found at Freehand Doodle patterns and her art can be found at her Flickr site.

Link to pattern LH Eyelet + ribbon

Lori Howe has posted the steps to her pattern LH Eyelet + Ribbon at Freehand Doodle Patterns.

Link to tangle pattern 'Squares'

Suzanne McNeil has posted the instructions to her pattern Squares at her blog.

Quatiny in Glass

Gabriel Productions suggested trying the pattern Quatiny as a glass ball.  I did in B&W but wasn't really happy with the result.  I like this colored attempt better.

My tangle pattern: Roundabear-a tangle of the crittur doodle kind

I do love surfing through the art of my friends and chatting, but it does suck up the time.
So I've been tryiing to limit my online time a little, and as a result I've been woefully remiss in featuring other artists lately. Which is terrible.  But I've been getting my drawing done, which is the reason for limiting online time.  I decided to combine the two worlds, and feature artists a different way, for a while.  Here is the first of my artworks featuring the tangle patterns of one artist.
With the exception of my new tangle, Roundabear, all the patterns in the art below were the brainchild of Kyra Sanders (aka Scrapacat).  You can find the instructions to these patterns at Freehand Doodle Patterns and her artwork can be found at her Flickr site.

My tangle pattern: ChEEse

This seems so easy, that I can only hope no one else has come up with it.

Links to Tangle patterns: 4 variations on 'Warped Eggs'

Lisa Rene has posted 4 variations to SkinnyStrayCat's 'Warped Eggs'.

Variation #1
Variation #2
Variation #3
Variation #4

For those of you who may have missed the post that linked to SkinnyStrayCat's original, you can find it here.

Links to tangle patterns by BlueJaneM and Carole Ohl

BlueJaneM (aka Jane Monk) has posted the instructions to three patterns at her blog, Stackz, Dominoes, and one that is still unnamed.

Carole Ohl has posted the instructions for Puf at her blog.

Whee!  This has been a productive days for zentanglers!

My tangle pattern: Planateen

TinkeredArt asked for the steps to this pattern, and I love when that happens, so here 'tis!

Link to pattern 'QLT'

Toni Henneman has posted the instructions to her quilt-inspired pattern, QLT, at her blog.

Link to tangle pattern 'Phylm'

Vicki Murray has added Phylm to her tangle patterns at Tangles to Try.

My tangle pattern: Checkhook

Busy day, but I still managed to get a fair size zendoodle done.  The light wasn't great so it isn't my best, but I managed to keep the kids entertained doing it!.  Thought I'd give you an easier pattern than yesterday's!

Link to patterns Squidee, Reticulated, XSpots and Warped Eggs.

SkinnyStrayCat has posted the instructions to Warped Eggs and three other patterns here, at Freehand Doodle Patterns.

My tangle pattern: Triquetra

First off, Happy 4th of July to those who celebrate, and Yay! for me.  I've reached 100 followers.  One of those things in life that mean nothing--what's the big difference between 100 and 99 or 101?  But it makes you feel so cool when you hit that number.  Thank you all for visiting my blog, and making me feel like I'm accomplishing something!
This is another of celtic knots, based off the Trifoil pattern.  I know these aren't easy to get the hang of, so I decided to take a different approach.  I've given you two different views of the steps, one that shows how each step fits into the whole, and then my usual type of steps.  Let me know if this helps.

My tangle pattern: Bull's-eye

It's been a while since I posted a pattern specifically designed as a lesson in shading.  I was playing around with drawing the illusion of glass and realized this was perfect for the task.  For those of you who haven't lost all their marbles but don't want to shade--I've included a variation without it.  Enjoy!

Link to Tangle Pattern Rain

Suzanne McNeil has posted the instructions to the pattern 'Rain', at her blog.  She also has a template for paper dolls.

My tangle pattern: Bunyip

This is another celtic inspired pattern-the lazy person's celtic knot, lol!

Links to pattern Unyun

Carole Ohl has posted the link to her pattern 'Unyun'.

Link to tangle pattern-Dress

Toni Henneman has posted the instructions to her pattern, Dress.