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Link to tangle pattern "Featherfall"

Check out this pattern by Carole Ohl, "Featherfall".

My tangle pattern 'Chilgoza'

I've had this pattern ready for almost a week, but needed to do an example artwork, and also, I have an idea for building on this to create a tangle that looks surprisingly different (to me anyway).  But I haven't been able to get to either one, so I'm going to post this anyway.  It makes a wonderful border or string.

Link to tangle pattern "Facets"

Rick and Maria have post the latest issue of the zentangle newsletter, which contains a new tangle, "Facets", created by Nancy Pinke.

I apologize for being so scarce lately.  It's the usual lament--real life keeps happening.  And it seems like it's all happening at once.  I'd go on, except I know you've all been there, done that, lol! So, I'll just  *Moan, moan, moan*.

I miss you all, and hope to get in a little more time online this next month.  'Hope' being the operative word.

Link to tangle pattern "Bitten"

Carole Ohl has posted instructions to her tangle pattern "Bitten".  Enjoy, and happy Thanksgiving to all those who celebrate this week!

Link to tangle pattern 'Trimonds'

Jane Monk has posted instructions to her pattern "Trimonds".  This one is a must for those who like 3D tangles!

Link to tangle patterns Tadpegs and Slates

Jane Monk has posted two new tangles on her blog, Tadpegs and Slates.

Link to tangle Pattern Chambray

Someone recently sent Sandy Bartholomew a question about the way I do a fabric-like tangle in a couple of the illustrations I did in her 'Totally Tangled' book.  She sent the question to me, and I created a tangle, Chambray, to show how it was done. 

I think sometimes people confuse our names (Sandra Strait/Sandra Bartholomew), so I asked her to post the tangle on her site--she deserves every inch of credit for that book.  It is so amazing that she allowed other artists to share their art when she put in all the hours and frustration.  I've never heard of such a thing before.  

I want to make sure everyone knows where the praise should go.  I contributed.  She dreamed, toiled, and published.  Sandra Bartholomew is my hero!

Link to tangle pattern Turtle Love

Andrea Shuman aka Cookie's Crafts has posted the instructions to her tangle "Turtle Love".

Link to new instructions for 'Braided Rope'

Andrea Shuman (aka Cookie's Crafts) has posted a modified version of "Braided Rope" that gives a bit more detail for the first steps.  This link takes you to the Modified  version, and this one to the Original.

Thank you, Andrea.

Link to tangle pattern C'lamity

Jo in NZ has posted instructions to her pattern C'lamity.  Enjoy!

Link to tangle patterns Primrose and Holly

Jaycadian202 has posted instructions at Freehand Doodle Patterns for her patterns, Primrose and Holly.

Link to tangle patterns Slates and Tadpegs

Jane Monk has posted two new patterns, Slates and Tadpegs, on her blog.

Link to tangle patterns Echo, Chevron, Mollushk, Hearty and Lily-eyes

Honest, I only looked away for a day!  And tangles popped up everywhere!

On the blog side, Sue Clark has posted instructions to her pattern Echo, and Suzanne McNeil has posted instructions to the official tangle pattern Chevron.

At Freehand Doodle Patterns we have three new patterns:

Mollushk by The HyperMonkey and

Hearty and the long-awaited Lily-eyes by SkinnyStrayCat!


Link to tangle patterns "Braided Rope" and "Watermelon Seeds"

Andrea Shulman (aka Cookie's Crafts) has posted instructions to Braided Rope and Watermelon Seeds.

Link to Katapillar, Hex Star and Coil

The Hypermonkey has given us another tangle, Katapillar, while JayCadian202 has posted instructions to Hex Star, and S J 60010 has posted instructions to Coil.

Link to tangle pattern Tri-Wave

The Hypermonkey has posted instructions to her pattern "Tri-Wave"!

Link to pattern 'Fatpaper'

SkinnyStrayCat has posted instructions to her fun new pattern Fatpaper.

Tangle patterns Vache1, Yang, Fleuve and Bell

Yay!  We've got patterns!!!

Vache1 and Yang by AmaryllisCreations (aka Genevieve Crabe).

Fleuve and Bell by JayCadian202.

My tangle pattern Gaut

Here's a very old form of interlace for your tangling enjoyment!

Suzanne McNeil has a new zentangle book out

I just came across this book by Suzanne McNeil.  All about quilting, embroidering and stitching zentangles!  I'm not into the sewing arts, but I know a lot of you would love this book!