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Links to tangle pattern "Criss & Cross", "Lilypads" & "Th@"

Suzanne McNeil has posted instructions to "Criss & Cross", as well as a link to a YouTube video showing how to knot a friendship bracelet.

Margaret Bremner has posted instructions to two tangles, "Lilypads & Th@".

My tangle pattern "Cursive"

I'm not sure where this tangle came from.  Or the artwork either.  My brain was picking up vibes from somewhere odd.  Maybe it has something to do with the fact that tomorrow will be my last day of work until I find another job.  I'm a casualty of the poor economy, and feeling a bit wounded at the moment.  

Overall, I'm actually very excited.  I've disliked my job for quite some time, but been close enough to retirement that I didn't want to start over elsewhere.  Now, I've got the excuse to start over.   Still.  For today, I'm blue.

My tangle pattern "Unruly" & more Weekly Challenge #2

While trying out Laura Harms, "Weekly Challenge #2", which was to try out Margaret Bremner's "2-pencil string technique",  I came up with a tangle that reminds me of a measuring tape.  Only you'd get strange results if you ever tried measuring with it, lol! 

You don't have to use the 2-pencil (or pen, in my case) technique, but it will give you a more even ribbon-like appearance.

While drawing up the example for this, I also tried the technique to draw "Slalom".  It definitely takes up some room.  If you try, be sure you don't put the circles too close!

Laura Harms "Weekly challenge #2"-My attempt

Here's my work using Laura Harm's Weekly Challenge # 2- using the two-Pencil technique for a string.  Although, I cheated.  I used two pens instead of pencils.  Pencil lead makes me sneeze for some reason, so I tend to avoid using it.  Pens worked just fine, and the technique was great fun.  I think I may try it with my 'Slalom' tangle.  The In and Out glide 'round and 'round the circles should be a lark!

My tangle pattern "Wisket"

The Phrontistery dictionary says that a Wisket is a basket.  Since this tangle is another take on a basketweave type pattern, that seemed like a good name.  Besides.  "Wisket".  I love the sound of it, lol!

Once you get the lines in, this pattern can get confusing.  Never fear though.  It does well with a great deal of randomness, so feel free to go willy-nilly or slapdash!  I certainly have!  I added an extra example to show you what I mean.

Laura Harms "Weekly challenge #2"

Laura's challenge this week is a "Two Pencil Technique". 

Hmm.  Wonder if I can find two pencils in my house, lol!  I hardly ever use 'em.  Hmmm.  Wonder if I can get the same feel using two pens?

Very interesting.

My tangle pattern "Pipkins"

Well, according to the Phrontistery dictionary, Pipkins are small pots, and this tangle reminds me of small pots.  And, who can resist a title like "Pipkins"?  Not me!  I hope you find the tangle hard to resist as well!

My tangle pattern "Tweety"

For those who celebrate, Merry Christmas.  For those who don't, Happy Day! 
Today, I'm giving you another OGee pattern, which for some reason makes me think of Tweety Bird's eyeballs.   And, by chance, the example artwork is called 'Oh, Christmas Tree'.  What better example for a tangle posted on Christmas Day, than a tree decorated with Tweety Bird's eyeballs?
There.  Hope that gave you a big holiday smile, lol!

My tangle pattern "Slalom"

The happiest of Holidays to everyone.  What with Simplicity challenges and the beginning of the New Year peeking around the corner, I thought today was a good one to give you a tangle that focuses on one of the most basic of designs.

An Ogee pattern?  You know, those in and out lines that make you think of a string of garlic bulbs -- only lots prettier and not nearly as stinky. 

If you are a designer of any kind you need to know the term Ogee.  But for us enthusiastic tanglers, the important thing is that they are awesome-looking, but they can be hard to do well.  I often look at my attempts and wish they were more even.

Well.  The answer to that is always - practice.  So I came up with an exercise for myself, and, hey! It was fun.  Kind of like finger skiing down the page.  And I think it looks cool too. 

So now it's a tangle, and you can spend these cold wintry mornings exercising with garlic bulbs.

Simplicity Challenge

Last week CZT Laura Harms posted her first Monday challenge on her blog "I Am the Diva".

The challenge - "Simplicity".

I decided that simplicity meant staying with the basics, and I chose to focus on three of them:

Dark and Light
Straight and Curved
Big and Small

I think I acheived something that falls into my style of 'thing'. It's dense and though not shaded, it has some sense of movement and 3D-ity. Yet it is far simpler than most of my work.

Link to tangle pattern "Fern"

Suzanne McNeil has posted instructions to her tangle pattern "Fern".

Link to tangle pattern "Zhostovo Border"

s j 60010 aka Sue Jacobs has posted the instructions to "Zhostovo Border", a beautifulb traditional Russian design.

Link to links of tangle patterns.

While poking around searching for new zentangles--something I haven't spent enough time on lately-I discovered Geneviève Crabe's (aka AmaryllisCreation) Wordpress blog, Zentangle Harmony.  She's got a weekly round-up of tangles she's found--including a few that I missed, so be sure to check them out.  If you haven't already discovered her tangles, keep searching through the blog.  She's got several posted there.  It's an interesting blog.

Laura, "I am the Diva" will be posting zentangle challenges

Head on over to "I am the Diva" for information on Laura's upcoming weekly zentangle challenges.

Link to tangle pattern "Corn Rows"

Suzanne McNeil has posted the instructions to "Corn Rows" on her blog.

Link to tangle pattern 'Octonet'

Sue Jacobs has posted her instructions to the tangle pattern "Octonet" at Freehand Doodle Patterns.

Link to my guest post on journals

Linda Farmer has put up part 1 of a guest contributor post I did on choosing a journal.  If you have time to break away from your busy season of last minute holiday shopping, decorating and eating, check it out!

Link to tangle pattern "Starz"

SkinnyStrayCat has posted the instructions to her much admired tangle, "Starz".

My tangle pattern "Buckle"

As you can see by the example art, there are many variations that you can use with this pattern. 
Tips to keep the buckle 'floating' above the rest of the pattern.  Make sure that none of the lines outside the buckle match up with the corners of the buckle.  
Want the floating illusion to be stronger? The stronger the contrast between the buckle and the underlying pattern, the stronger the illusion.  
     Darken the outside lines on one side of the buckle and on the bottom.  Shade one side of the buckle      and the bottom (See my pattern "Diaglyph", for an example).  
     If you do use a pattern within the buckle, keep it simple.  Simpler and more open than the pattern(s)      in the background.

My tangle pattern


My tangle pattern "Diaglyph"


Link to tangle pattern 'Shiraz'

Linda Farmer has added a pattern to her 'wine' series.  You can find the instructions for the tangle "Shiraz" at

Link to tangle pattern 'Yincut'

Suzanne McNeil has posted instructions to the official tangle "Yincut", as well as a link to a video she made featuring Artists from North Carolina.

Link to String idea

Linda Farmer has posted a string idea that I had at  Check it out, and be ready to share!

Link to tangle patterns "Vache2" and "Equerre"

Amaryllis Creations  aka Genevieve Crabe has posted instructions to two new patterns "Vache2" and "Equerre"

Artwork for the tangle pattern "Chilgoza"

This year for Christmas I'm cutting and folding wallets made out of Tyvek paper, and then coloring them with alchohol inks.  I don't think I'm going to have time to tangle them, but this one I did using a micron pen, and shading with Pitt brush pens.  
I'm not sure how long these will last, but the Tyvek paper costs about $2.00 for a 23 x 35 sheet, which is enough for two wallets.  The alchohol inks are a lot more expensive, but still--I can make the wallets for about $4-$5 dollars apiece.  If they don't last, I'll just make more next year, lol!
Here's the wallet, which happens to use my pattern "Chilgoza" (along with "Facets", the latest tangle posted in the zentangle newsletter, and several other of my own patterns.

My tangle pattern "Mulberry"

"Here we go round the mulberry bush..."  I'm probably aging myself with the lyrics to that song, lol.  Do children still sing it?
While I was working on this tangle, the song popped into my head, because I had trouble doing the steps until I fell into a rhythm--go round the square drawing the rectangles.  Then go round the square connecting them, and then go round again completing the connecting rectangles.  And when working a grid, you go around the grid connecting the squares.  So the name 'Mulberry' seemed appropriate.

My tangle pattern "Travertine"

I received an email from Debi, asking if there was a 'herringbone' tangle.  The closest I could think of was "Tasket", a tangle that Sandy Bartholomew and I worked on together.  But though it is based on a herringbone type pattern, it isn't quite the same.  I'm sure others have done one (please, let me know if you are aware of one!), but I decide to come up with steps to one of my own.

A tip: When you draw the initial zig zag, be sure the first line on the left is slanting down.  If it slants up, you'll need to skip step 3.  This seems obvious, but I managed to mess myself up that way.  Sometimes, you are concentrating on the individual steps and not the whole, so it's easy to miss the obvious, lol!

This is also a try at yet another type of pattern template. 

I've had these 12 square grids for quite a while--good for more complex patterns or for adding variations, etc.  I've just always cut away the squares I don't use for the pattern step…

Link to tangle pattern "Kitty"

Check out Jane Monk's latest tangle, "Kitty".

Link to tangle pattern Leaf

The instructions to the tangle pattern "Leaf" are up at Suzanne McNeil's latest blog post.