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The Steampunk Ball

This is the piece that is included in the new issue of Just Steampunk Vol II.  There's a lott of really cool work in that magazine!

Link to tangle pattern EyeAye

Link to tangle pattern Waft

The step out to Beth Snoderly's tangle pattern Waft has been posted at

Link to patterns Zigster & Clover Swag

New tangle pattern ZinnTardy

A friend, Teresa Zinn Tardy, asked me to deconstruct a pattern into a step-out, which I've done here.  I'm calling it ZinnTardy!  It was a complex pattern with lots of points and small curves, so I rounded it out and am afraid I've lost some of what made the pattern unique.  But, even with the rounding out, it takes eight steps to complete.  If I'd kept all the zigs and zags it would have taken twenty, lol!  I hope Teresa likes it any way.
If you find yourself having a problem try drawing in some pencil guidelines (which I hope you  can see here).  Draw an X from corner to corner, and then a + to bisect the square into four.  At step 5, use these lines to help decide placement of your elements.  As you learn the pattern, you shouldn't need the pencil lines.

There is lots of room for variation.  If you find you haven't left yourself room for all the steps, leave some of them out. Fill in some of the areas but not others. Change the shape of the elements.  Go craz…

Link to VectorWec and Extracto

Link to Rainbow Hair Letraset tutorial

Blockheads Paper Newsletter is out!

Link to Shaky - new tangle from Deena Perlstein CZT

Weehah! Two magazines featuring my work!

Oh! I'm dancing a happy jig! There were two magazines in the mail today! 

I knew my work (a collaboration with DeeDee Catron) would be on the inside of the RubberStampMadness, but I didn't know I'd made page 100 of the Just Steampunk Volume 2! Haven't had time to scour the issue yet, but I also saw work from fellow Viva Las Vegastamps! design team members Lea Cioci, Susan M. Brown, and Lyneen Jesse, as well as from Terri Sproul, Joe Rotella and Edie Cournoyer.  

What a rush!

Link to tangle pattern Bubble Bobble Bloop

Link to LineWeaving Pattern Worksheets for Radar Crown & Pladzy

Laura Harms' Weekly Challenge #93 & new official tangle Bunzo

Laura Harms' Weekly Challenge #93 --also includes the new official tangle Bunzo!

Review: The Joy of Zentangle

Fox Chapel has published a compilation book, 'Joy of Zentangle', which incorporates portions of previous Zentangle books that were written by Suzanne McNeill, CZT®, Sandy Steen Bartholomew, CZT, and Marie Browning, CZT.

Compilation book--what does that mean?

Well, it means that if you already own Zentangle books written by the above authors, you may have some of the articles and tangles that are published in this book. The content of this book was taken from: Zentangle Basics, Zentangle 2 thru 8, Zen Mandalas, Inspired by Zentangle Fabric Arts Quilting Embroidery, Totally Tangles, Yoga for Your Brain, Zentangle for Kidz, and Time to Tangle with Colors.

Should you buy this book? Well, maybe.

Pros: If you are new to  Zentangle, this is would be a nice starter book, and cheaper than buying all the other books.  Even if you do own 1 or 2 books, you might want a 'sampler' of tangles and writing by more than one author, this would be a good book. If you own the other books, …

Link to tangle pattern Demitessel-1

The winner of Carla Sonheim's 'Drawing and Painting Imaginary Animals' is...

The winner of my giveaway-Carla Sonheim's 'Drawing and Painting Imaginary Animals'Flexi-Sketch Blank Sketchbook 6 x 6 in,  and two American Craft Precision pens, 1 brown & 1 black is....

Ninna Hellman!

Zendala Dare #28

Link to TanglePatterns String 024

Genevieve Crabe's Weekly roundup

Link to How to draw CHORDIN via

Link to Celtic Challenge 11 with Judy West

Link to tangle pattern Grained

I'm the featured artist at the Paperblanks blog today!

Paperblanks has a new look, and they have me as their featured artist!  Life is good!

Link to How to draw SNOOD and how to tangle a mandala or Zendala

Link to new tangle pattern Giotto!

Link to tangle pattern Candy Corn

Link to tangle pattern Paizel

The step out to CZT® Angie Vangalis' Zentangle pattern Paizel has been posted at

Link to tangle pattern Baraboo

Laura Harms' Weekly Challenge #92

Link to Leaflet Pattern

Helen Williams has posted the step-out to her Leaflet Pattern.

Link to FREE COLORED PENCIL Magazine Sample Issue

Link to FREE COLORED PENCIL Magazine Sample Issue.  You are required to become a member of HP MagCloud to download the issue, but you can read it online without signing up.

Downloadable silly owls from Ellen Wolters

Zendala Dare #28

TanglePatterns String 023

Geneviève Crabe's Weekly Roundup

Tangle Refresher 36 «

Link to Wax Resist Card tutorial at Blockheads Paper Arts

Link to tutorial for making a Lace Mask

Link to Rhodia Giveaway! 20 winners!

Stephanie's 3rd Big Anniversary Giveaway!  20 winners! Includes A Rhodia DotWebbie and an  Exacompta Basic Pocket Portfolio and index cards.
Augh!  I want to enter this contest just for the portfolio, lol!  However, since I have everything but the index cards, I'l be nice and leave these prizes for the rest of you!  Good luck everyone!

Link to six new tangle patterns

ArtCat86 aka Olga has posted the step outs for her tangle patterns:


The Pegasus Unicorn

While waiting for a real estate agent at my Mom's house, I looked around the yard for inspiration.  Didn't find any cracks in the pavement, but I found some interesting shrubbery.

I highlighted the area where I found my Pegasus Unicorn.  

I ended up waiting a while, and couldn't resist adding a few embellishments.  Wish i hadn't.  I should know better than to try freehanding text!

I used a method found in Carla Sonheim's book Drawing and Painting Imaginary AnimalsGo here to enter my giveaway for a chance to win a copy.

Link to Cindy Angiel's New Pattern Library Toolbox kit

Into Mail Art? Link to Interview with Mail Artist, Miss Thundercat

Link to short overview on the Principles of Design

Link to review & giveaway of Genevieve Crabe's Mandala Stencils!

Review of 'Drawing and Painting Imaginary Animals

Drawing and Painting Imaginary Animals A Mixed-Media Workshop with Carla Sonheim
Recently, I was fortunate enough to win a copy of Carla Sonheim's Drawing and Painting Imaginary Animals.  I was pretty excited from the moment I heard the book was out--you may have noticed that I've been posting several links to reviews and tutorials about it.  I've never taken one of Carla's classes, but I've seen enough of her work online and heard enough from her students to know she's awesome.  So her book had to be awesome too.

What impressed me was the alignment of her ideas with the philosophy of Zentangle®. The 'no mistakes, go with the flow, joy of creating' feel to her work seemed to me like it was something most tanglers would enjoy, even though her technique uses more realism (in a very imaginary way, lol).

So anyway, on with the review.

Cover: Heavy covered cardboard
No pages: 144
Size: 8.5 x 0.6 x 8.5 inches


Section 1: Just Messing Around-Sketchboo…

Link to tangle patterns Gella and Zoose

Poppie_60, aka Lila has posted the step outs to her tangle patterns Gella and Zoose.

Link to Shading Tips from Sue Jacobs CZT

Laura Harms' Weekly Challenge #91

Link to new tangle pattern Zaturn

CZT Sue Jacobs has posted the step out for her new tangle pattern Zaturn, which she developed to help people learn more about shading!

Margaret Bremner is selling art to help support

Love  Adore the fantastic artwork of Margaret Bremner? Then you should head over to the Enthusiastic Artist and check out Margaret's offer!

Not sure what either is?  Then you NEED to check out Margaret's website and, just for your own good!

Link to tangle pattern Botie

A link to the step out for Elena Hadzijaneva's tangle pattern Botie has been posted at

Link to tangle pattern Rotten Tatters

Links to tangle pattern Curls, Buttons, Bird of Paradise & Paradise Flower

Olga, aka ArtCat86 has posted the step outs to her tangle patterns: Curls Buttons Bird of Paradise Paradise Flower

Gruppo Cordenon's Stardream Paper & the Pony Express

My brother's birthday was fast approaching and I still hadn't made a card for him. 
I wanted to do something amusing.  I wanted to use the train tracks stamps that  Viva Las Vegastamps! had made using my artwork (18990and 18989and I also  I also used stamp 18992, which is NOT from my artwork)
I also wanted to use a piece of Gruppo Cordenon's Stardream Paper.  They sent me some sample books a months ago, for a review of their Plike paper and they included a sample book with other lines as well, including Stardream.  
The Stardream blurb at the Gruppo Cordenon's site reads: Stardream is a distinctive range of metallic, iridescent and pearlescent colors created expressly for the designer and printer to give an "astral effect" to your work, meeting the more sophisticated trends of color and fashion. Available in 32 colors and 5 stellar dual sided color combinations, Stardream will add another dimension to any project.
This paper is gorgeous!  It has a hard, glimmery sur…

Link to String templates from Judy West

Alain Guy's new tangle pattern Coffee Beanz

Alain Guy posted the step out to his new tangle pattern Coffee Beenz (name subject to change).  He doesn't have a blog, and since he posted in a group that only members can see, he gave me permission to share it with you on my blog. (edited to remove a blooper moment.  Alain is a manly man, and I went on automatic with all my 'she's in the post, lol)

It's simple, sweet, and fun!

Long-tailed Lamb

I went to Blockheads Paper Arts for a make'n'take last Thursday and, afterwards, I took home the kraft paper that was used to protect the table from the sprays we were using (I misplaced the card I made, lol).

I've also been reading Carla Sonheim's 'Drawing and Painting Imaginary Animals'(which I'll be reviewing once I've finished it) and I started looking at the stains on the kraft paper.  I didn't quite use the method Carla teaches, because I drew directly on the paper and turned my blobs into...

...a long-tailed lamb. Couldn't get a very good shot because it's a goodly size piece of paper.

Link to TanglePatterns String 022

Link to Zendala Dare #27

Rhodia Journal Swap Round 09, Page 07

This ended up being more about shading than negative space, I think.  Typical for me, lol!
See what other the other 10 swappers are doing in their journal at the Rhodia Journal Swap on Tumblr.

Link to tangle pattern Flowr Net

Link to TanglePatterns Shading Mini-Clinic – Part 2

Link to tangle pattern Moonflower

Link to tangle pattern Twirl

Rhodia Journal Swap Round 09, Page 06

Is it just me, or is this an owl?  Possibly a drunk owl.

See what other the other 12 swappers are doing in their journal at the Rhodia Journal Swap on Tumblr.

Chance to win Copic Coloring guide and nice tutorial.

Free Downloadable Holiday E-Book from Cherry Bits.

Rhodia Journal Swap Round 09-Page 05

Although I enjoy playing with negative space, it's hard for me--I want to fill in everything!  I managed to leave a little here, but I'm not sure it still qualifies as negative space.

See what other the other 12 swappers are doing in their journal at the Rhodia Journal Swap on Tumblr.

Link to TanglePatterns Shading Mini-Clinic – Part 1

Sandy Steen Bartholomew reviews 'Drawing and Painting Imaginary Animals'

Link to Tutorial: Twinkling Stenciled Butterfly

Link to May Arts Ribbon Giveaway

May Arts is giving away a spool of ribbon.  Hop over to their blog to enter for a chance to win!

Link to 2 new tangle patterns Ollove and Pozeez

Linda Rea has posted steps to her two new tangle pattern Ollove and Pozeez!

Round 09 Page 04-Rhodia Journal Swap

Left side-My rubber stamp resist from the front of this *bleedthrumanade actually provided a better negative space on the back of the page.  The alcohol markers colored the matte medium I used on the front, but kept the color from bleeding through.    

I decided to ignore the boundaries of the color and just draw.

Right-Well, the trees were supposed to be negative space, but I couldn't resist adding some shading.  *sigh* I'm a shading addict.  Complete compulsion, absolute obsession with shading, lol!  Can you find the kitty?  The two birds?

*Bleedthrumanade--Got lemons? Make lemonade.  Got marker bleed-thru? Make bleedthrumanades!  Alcohol markers bleed through most paper and you get color on both the front and the back.  While this bothers most people, I decided to make use of it.  I color one side of the page and draw on it, then turn the page and use the same color for a second drawing--a bleedthrumanade.

See what other the other 12 swappers are doing in their journal at …

Link to tangle pattern Accordion

Weekly Challenge #90: String Theory v. XIII

Carnival of Pen, Pencil and Paper - October 9, 2012

Welcome to the October 9, 2012 edition of carnival of pen, pencil and paper.

Editor's Choice: Articles that weren't submitted but that caught my attention. Pen Envy- Azizah Asgarali of Gourmet Pens shows us her Daily Carry Pens
Baffled by the bevy of black inks? -Black Bottled Fountain Pen Ink Swabs from the JetPens Blog PensMillie presents The Platinum Plaisir: Better than a Lamy! posted at Planet Millie, saying, "A comparison of the Plaisir and the Lamy."
Rachel Goulet presents Pilot Vanishing Point 2012 LE- Charcoal Marble posted at Ink Nouveau.
Rachel Goulet presents Wed. Review: Stainless Steel Lamy 2000 posted at Ink Nouveau.
Rachel Goulet presents Introducing: Edison Beaumont posted at Ink Nouveau.
Rachel Goulet presents Wed. Review- Lamy Nexx & Nexx M posted at Ink Nouveau.
Rachel Goulet presents Wed. Review- Stipula Etruria Alter Ego posted at Ink Nouveau.
Alex Witte presents W.A. Stark 30 Cal Bolt Action Pen (Cocobolo and Gun Metal) posted at Economy Pens.

Round 09 Page 03-Rhodia Journal Swap

Since another of my favorite things is using rubber stamps that were made based on my artwork, I decided to incorporate that with more subtle use of negative space--so subtle that it almost didn't work as a resist, lol.

The Marvy La Plume markers I used for the *bleedthrumanade on the right colored the matte medium I used for stamping.  I had expected the color to wipe off, but had to use a blender pen to even lighten it.  Lesson learned!  Alcohol markers will color matte medium even though it's a resist for acrylic paints--or is supposed to be!

*Bleedthrumanade--Got lemons? Make lemonade.  Got marker bleed-thru? Make bleedthrumanades!  Alcohol markers bleed through most paper and you get color on both the front and the back.  While this bothers most people, I decided to make use of it.  I color one side of the page and draw on it, then turn the page and use the same color for a second drawing--a bleedthrumanade.

Tomorrow's post will show how I used the same color base fr…

Link to Tangle Harmony Newsletter #8

Link to tangle pattern Sparkle

Link to free ebooks-drawing silly birds and mirrored strings.

Link to Time 2 Stamp - Episode 2 with DeeDee Catron & Viva Las Vegastamps!

Round 09 Page 02-Rhodia Journal Swap

Had to throw in some Zentangle®-Inspired artwork this time!

See what other the other 12 swappers are doing in their journal at the Rhodia Journal Swap on Tumblr.

Round 09 Page 01-Rhodia Journal Swap

One of the things that has always fascinated me in artwork is the use of negative space.  I decided to play with it in various ways for this round of the Rhodia Journal swap.

See what other the other 12 swappers are doing in their journal at the Rhodia Journal Swap on Tumblr.

Calling all articles on Pen, Pencil & Paper

Just another reminder-- I'll be hosting the Carnival of Pen, Pencil and Paper on October 9th. 

For those of you unfamiliar with the Carnival, it's a once-a-month roundup of articles relating in some way to the topic of Pens, Pencils and Paper.  It's a way for like-minded people to find each other's blogs--you'll find new people to follow and new people will find your blog, if you submit an article or two.

The categories are: Art supplies, miscellaneous, new product news, notebooks, office supplies, pencils, pens.

There is a formal submission form.  If you 've posted anything lately that seems to fit into any of the above categories, please submit them!  I'm looking forward to sending some readers your way!

Link to TanglePatterns String 021

Zendala Dare #26

Link to Day 14 of Carla Sonheim's Book Release Blog Celebration

Link to Day 14 of Carla Sonheim's Book Release Blog Celebration - an introduction to Julie LaPointe and another chance to win a copy of Carla's new book, 'Drawing and Painting Imaginary Animals: A Mixed-Media Workshop with Carla Sonheim'.

Geneviève Crabe's Weekly Roundup of zentangle patterns and articles of interest.

Link to tangle refresher 35

Plike paper and more--available online

A while back I wrote a review about Plike paper, a product from Gruppo Cordenons, and I've used it in several projects since.  At that time, the company was in the process of setting their online store, and you can now order Plike (or other paper from their excellent range). 

Prices vary, and some of the papers, such as Plike, require special handling, such as extended drying times for the ink.  But they have such interesting textures and produce such an elegant finished product!

I have other paper sample pamphlets from the company, and I have to apologize to them.  I was busy for a while, and the samples fell out of my view and...well, out of sight, out of mind.  I'll be amending that, and experimenting. I'll be letting you know my results.

If you wish to check out their products, you can find them at the Gruppo Cordenons Fulfillment store.

Beveled bi-fold somewhatty-or-ever

Ah, getting old.  I know there's a name for these beveled pieces, but it escapes me.  Somewhatty-or-ever will have to do for now.

I went to the weekly make'n'take at the local Blockhead Paper Arts store yesterday, and got the chance to play with Goosebumps  texture spray.  We also played with Adirondack color washes and Dylusion Ink spray and stencils and stamps--great fun!

I decided to buy some of the matte version of the Goosebumps because I had the idea of using it to glue Micro Marbles to the page with it-sort of like suspending them in semi-clear gesso.

After I got the piece home, I grabbed a white and a gold gel pen, and an American Craft Precision pen and drew a young lady in the beveled inset, added Zentangle-inspired patterns around the rest.

It's all so shiny that it was difficult to get either a good scan or a good photo.

Then I tangled the outside.  I emphasized the micro marbles by outlining them with the black pen.  It was funny.  The marbles on both sid…

Link to Day #13 of Carla Sonheim's Book Release blog Celebration

Link to Celtic Challenge 8 with Judy West

Link to Blockheads Make N Take - Embossing Part 2

The latest rubber stamps based on my artwork are available

The latest rubber stamps based on my artwork are available as single items now.

Jack o' Lanterns Along Fence 3 x 2 3/4-Item 18953 Plate 827
Train Track Straight 1 x 2 1/4-Item 18990 Plate 889 (I had to laugh.  My thought when I saw this title was 'they misspelled it' because my last is spelled Strait, lol)

Train Track Bend 1 1/2 x 3-Item 18989 Plate 889 Lots of other fantastic releases as well-93 new stamps for October!

New tangle pattern Class-EE & Review of Suzanne McNeill's Zentangle 101 class

I started tangling since about mid-2009.  And though I've never become a Certified Zentangle®-Teacher (CZT®), I've been knee-deep in Zentangle ever since.  I've created steps for over 280 tangle patterns and I think I'm one of the most prolific tanglers out there.  I'll qualify that-my work is actually Zentangle-Inspired Art rather than traditional Zentangle, but no matter how much I stray, the inspiration that comes from that method is always present.

Despite that, I've never taken a Zentangle class! Until now, anyway.  Part of the reason was that I never found a class available that didn't require travel.  When I saw that Suzanne McNeill was going to be teaching a Zentangle 101 class at the Art & Soul Retreat in Oregon, I was thrilled and signed up immediately.

Did I expect to learn anything new?  Not exactly.  I know most of the basic tangles, but I was curious to see what a class was like, and there is a zest to be found in creating with a group of li…