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My Steampunk Book Cover in Delight™

Check out how I created my latest project for the Creative Paperclay® blog--a Steampunk Book Cover!

Link: Rejuvenate Dried Up Markers

Heather Castles has posted a tip explaining how to rejuvenate water-based markers.  She's showing children's markers like Crayola, but I wonder if this might work for Tombows and other high-quality markers as well.

Link: Follow Jane Monk for an entry into her giveaway

Jane Monk will be having a giveaway next week.  If you already follow her, you will be automatically entered.  If you aren't--why aren't you?  Her work is fabulous and always of interest!

Link: How to draw tangle pattern FOOTLITES

The steps to CZT Carole Ohl's tangle pattern Footlites has been posted at

Link to tangle pattern Plaited

CZT Sue Jacobs has posted steps to her tangle pattern Plaited.

Links: Two Fountain Pen Giveaways

Review:Numi Inspired Moments – 8 Assorted Organic Teas

When I signed up to review products for Shoplet, one of the leading online office supplies store, I wondered what product I would get.  After all, Shoplet has more than 400,000 products!
So yesterday, I was delighted to find a package from Shoplet, staring up at me from the porch.  I opened it eagerly, and found a box of Numi Tea!  
I received a box of Inspired Moments, which has 8 assorted flavors—Aged Earl Grey, Berry Black, Breakfast Blend, Gunpowder Green, Jasmine Green, White Orange Spice, Moroccan Mint, and Chamomile Lemon. 
I love Numi’s packaging—the calming tans and browns, and lovely artwork appeal to the artist in me.  As a crafter, I looked at the box.  It wasn’t one of their heavier boxes, but it’s a nice size and will re-appear one of these days in a project. 
According to the information on the packaging, the teabags are natural and biodegradable, and the outer packages are made from 72% recycled content.
The list of ingredients was spotted with the words Fair Trade Certif…

Link: Art Book made with Creative Paperclay® & Terri Sproul Mixers

Barbara Moore has posted a tutorial showing how she made a beautiful book cover using Creative Paperclay® & Terri Sproul Mixers.

Link: Free PDF-Punch Measurement Guide

Do you use punches to punch patterns all around a page or card?  Ever messed up so the pattern isn't even?

Lynda, over at her blog, Positive Force, posted a link to a free downloadable PDF from SplitCoastStampers.  It shows the measurements for using a Martha Stewart punch, but I think you could adapt it for any punch you have.

The Latest in My Mead DayPlanner

This is the latest work I've done in my Mead Dayplanner.  This is the one I carry around in my purse to pull out and tangle in whenever I'm waiting at the Doctors or in long lines.  
This is one of the gesso'd pages I did up in advance.  I added in a few fragments of magazine picture, and even a couple of Robin's Nest dewdrops (those little red crystals).  The blue comes from a Pentel Energel-X.  It smears very easily on the gesso, so I smeared lots of it, and then went around with blue fingers, lol!  
Lots of pens were used since this was dones over several weeks time.  I pinkish color is a Sharpie Finepoint, and there was a Pilot B2P pen, and even a Preppy Fountain pen with Noodler's Heart of Darkness black.

Link to Tangle Pattern Hi-Cs

The steps to CZT® Anita Roby-Lavery's tangle pattern Hi-Cs has been posted at

Link: Victorian Cross made with Amazing Mold Putty & Creative Paperclay®

Gini Williams Cagle has posted a project using Amazing Mold Putty & Creative Paperclay® to create a beautiful Victorian Cross.

Weekly Zentangle Challenge #60 - DuoTangle v.III "Cirquital/Munchin

Laura Harms' Weekly Challenge #60 is to create a ZT using only the tangles Cirquital and Munchin. She provides links to both in her challenge post.

Link to tangle pattern Chainlea

CZT Norma J Burnell has posted steps to her tangle pattern Chainlea.

Link: New Easter Basket template

Neil Burley has posted an Easter Basket template on his blog.

Link: Wondering what the new Sakura Zentangle® kits are like?

Linda Farmer has posted photos and descriptions of the new Zentangle® oriented kits from Sakura.  Not nearly as nice as getting the official Zentangle® kit, but it'll will be cool to be able to refills or pick them up at local arts/craft stores!

Link: New Zendala coloring book on sale

CZT  Denyse Jones, has a zendala coloring book for sale.  You can find out more at her blog, Bee Zen.

Link: Memory Triggers ZIA Journal Prompt #9

CZT Patty Farrell has posted ZIA Journal Tangle and Writing Prompt #9.  She challenges you to use pages from an old Singer Embroidery book, that Penny Raile brought to light, as an inspiration for your tangle.  Find out more at her blog, Zentangles & Stuff.

New Tangle Pattern Malacca & Review of the Moleskine Volant Journal

Moleskine Volant Pocketsize Notebook
A couple of weeks ago, I won a Haiku Contest (go to European Paper's Facebook page or go to their blog to read all the wonderful Haikus that were submitted).  The prize package I won included a large Moleskine Squared Journal, a Moleskine Wine Passions Journal, and a two pack of Moleskine Volant Plain Notebooks.  

Today I'm reviewing the Volant Notebook.  I received the red/burgundy set.

The Specs:
·                     80 pages –last 16 pages detachable ·                     Soft cover  ·                     Acid-free paper ·                     Round corners ·                     3 ½ by 5 ½ (9x14 cm) ·                     Sewn binding ·                     Sold in packs of 2

Look and Feel:
The coated cardboard covers are very plain—no wording except for

Link: Paper Blooms, Switch Plate Cover & Steampunk Canvas with Creative Paperclay®

I've missed letting you know about a few Creative Paperclay® projects.  My Design Team co-members are so creative!

Paper Blooms
Switch Plate Cover
Steampunk Canvas (part of a blog hop--check out the rules because you can win some Terri Sproul mixers!)

Having fun with Viva Las Vegas Stamps

I've done up an advertisement for Viva Las Vegas stamps, which if all works out will appear in the August Steampunk issue of Rubber Stamp Madness magazine.  I'll be posting that work another time--it's a 9x12 which took a little time and effort, even though I work fast.  I'm also trying out for the Design Team for VLVS.

Meanwhile, I did a couple of other smaller works using VLVS stamps--one for another possible ad, and one just because I like the stamp.

I really do feel like I'm cheating with this photo stamp-Girl Feeding Cat.  It's an ATC sized stamp, and all I did was add the framing around it.  But I did find it very soothing.  The trouble with doing this ad work is that don't zen while doing the tangles--it is very much more like work.  And I've so much to do over the next few weeks, I don't want to take too much time for tangling.  I felt like I could relax with this girl, but at the same time, I may be able to use this in something for the Desi…

Rhodia Journal Swap-Page the Sixth, Seventh & Eighth, My book

I've been so tired, for no good reason, other than I'm not sleeping well--for no good reason, lol.  I'm not terribly happy with the last 3 pages I did for the journal swap.  But they're passable.

It is with both regret and relief that I do the last pages.  Tomorrow, I'll get the journal in box and mail it off.  I'd hoped to do up some extra goodies, but that will have to wait for the next round.

Links to tangle patterns OverUnder,Join, Scales and Jesterin

Belatrix29, aka Helena has posted steps to her tangle patterns OverunderJoin and Scales.

Texasdoxiemama, aka Linda Rea, has posted steps to her tangle pattern Jesterin.

Link to tangle patterns Lokomotive, E-E-O, and Tuscadero

Three new tangles were posted while I was wiling my time away elsewhere.

ArtsieGrandma/Diane Sexton has posted steps to her tangle pattern E-E-O.
Phine/KAPart has posted steps to her tangle pattern Lokomotive.
Lara Williams has posted steps to her tangle pattern Tuscadero .

Link: I'm A Little Teapot Mini Canvas from Creative Paperclay®

Edie Cournoyer has posted steps to a sweet little Teapot Mini Canvas she made using the same Dangling Dolly Mold from Articus supply as I used for my Postcards.  It's fun seeing what a different project she came up with!

Link: Free Bookbinding Workshop

Tee, at Green Isles Crafts, has changed her Snappy Li'l Journal workshop to a free class.

Link: The Groovy Doodle Extravaganza-Free Downloadable Line Art

I won't be posting as frequently for a while

I've got quite a few commitments from now through the end of March, and I'll be traveling to Florida for a couple of weeks, and I'm having some medical issues.

Life as usual, but a bit more intense than normal, lol!

As a result, I may disappear for a few days at a time and then be posting as usual for a while before I disappear again. I won't have time to go looking for content as much as usual, so I'll apologize to those whose giveaways or patterns I miss.  I'll probably do round-ups where I post about several things at once, instead of several times a day.

But I will pop in as often as I can!

Link: Revitalizing Colored Pencils

Colored pencils keep breaking when you try to sharpen them?  Read this Blick's Art article on baking your pencils to help stop the problem.  Who'da thunk it?

Geneviève Crabe's Weekly Roundup 2/17/12

Geneviève Crabe's Weekly Roundup of Zentangle patterns and articles of related interest.

In particular, check out the link to an interview with Linda Farmer of   I missed that last Sunday and I'm so glad Geneviève caught it.  Very interesting interview.

Link: FREE Year of the Dragon Line Art from Copic

Copic has FREE printable line art from Marianne Walker for your downloading pleasure!

Link: Art Journal Techniques-free downloadable ebook

Cloth, Paper, Scissors has a free downloadable ebook available on Art Journal techniques.

Link to tangle pattern W'ring

Arja has posted the steps to her tangle pattern W'ring.

Bleedthrumanade in Moleskine & Review of the Moleskine Squared Notebook

About 10 days ago, I won the European Paper Haiku Contest (If you haven't already, check out the fabulous Haikus!) and I was amazed when my prize arrived a few days ago.  I also ordered an Elephant Poo Poo journal and had it within a few days.  Super fast delivery!

I felt such service deserved an equally timely response.  Unfortunately, I've got several commitments pending and couldn't do just desserts to all three items that I  won - A Moleskine Squared Notebook, 2 Moleskine Volant Plain Notebooks and a Moleskine Wine Passions Notebook.So I decided to do one at a time.  

Today I'm going to do a short review of the Moleskine Squared Notebook.

The Specs:

240 pages (120 leaves)Hard cover Back pocket & cloth ribbon marker ( Acid-free paperRound corners
I received the 5x8 1/4 (13x21cm) size with a beautiful, bright red cover.  (That's the only trouble with doing these reviews.  I wanted to rip off those plastic covers iMMEDiately!  But it's easier to photograph t…

Link: Fun with mul•tex - webcast this sunday

Lisa Fulmer has posted about a new product called Mul-tex, Mulberry paper on one side and laminate on the other.  She also has a link to information about a webcast on Sunday that will have demos and chat and their will be giveaways!

I won't be able to attend the live webcast so I'll expect a report from you guys, lol!  It sounds like an interesting product.

Link: Giveaway of Zentangle book

CZT Jeanne Paglio is giving away three copies of her Zentangle book - Journey in the Round.  For a chance to win one, go leave a comment on her blog post.

Link to tangle pattern Stigma

Texasdoxiemama, aka Linda Rea, has posted steps to her tangle pattern Stigma.

Teaser--New Product coming from Exaclair

Can you imagine yourself sketching, drawing or painting in a beautiful notebook like these new travel albums from Exaclair?  These aren't on the store shelves quite yet but will be soon, so be on the look out!  I'll be doing a review in a couple of weeks, and there will be a giveaway with two winners!!

Link to tangle pattern Pillows

Suzanne McNeill’s tangle pattern Pillows has been added at

Rhodia Journal Swap-Page the Fifth, My book

We took Liam and Cedric with us almost everywhere.

Their favorite vacation spot was the Oregon Coast.  They made quite a tourist attraction themselves.  We were always being asked to pose or to let others pose with them.  The boys grace picture albums from visitors who came from Japan, Austria, Germany, Ecuador and the Netherlands.  The love of big dogs is universal.

There are some problems associated with traveling with Mastiffs.  We had to buy a truck and create a ramp system.

But above all, don't let your mastiff share the bed.  They'll pretend they are going to share but as the night goes on, they skootch and stretch and push until they have 99.99% of the square footage and you are holding on by the fingernails.

They aren't usually swimmers but love dodging the waves.  They'll happily attack driftwood and seawood, and love walking on the beach.

Link: Downloadable Valentine Line Art

Nikki, at Melonheadz Illustrating has posted some adorable downloadable Valentine's Line Art.

Link to tangle pattern Shot Thru

Texasdoxiemama, aka Linda Rea, has posted steps to her tangle pattern Shot Thru.

Rhodia Journal Swap-Page the Fourth, My book

You can see what others are doing in their journals on Tumblr.
Translation of Page, the Fourth-
Feeding the Mastiff Left Side: Liam & Cedric did love their food.  The few times we had to leave them, they fasted a day or two in sorrow - no greater love!
It is possible that piranha were used in the breeding of the mastiff.  It is easily seen in the feeding frenzy of mealtime.
There are a few precautions that must be taken when feeding the mastiff, even those of a very young age.  Even around food, the mastiff is unlikely to be agressive, but they are so eager and obsessive that accidents are always a possibility.
Right side: What kind of accidents? Well, for instance, teach your mastiff a command such as 'release'.  This can be used when he accidentally swallows your arm clear to the elbow.
Don't stand between a mastiff and his food.  He'll kiss your 'owies' after he's knocked you down and trampled you - but the kisses won't be given until all the food is gon…

The International Post Card Swap-My first five postcards

For some reason, I committed the insanity of joining an International Postcard swap.  Yes.  It IS terrific fun, but it's still insane, lol.  I posted a tutorial on the Creative Paperclay® blog showing the cards I made, but I wanted to share the cards I've been getting in return.  I've got 5 so far and I love them all!

I received this wonderful zentangle-like bird from Sherry (she isn't into zentangle yet!) in Alaska, and a lovely Jane Austen from Barbara in California.

The fantastic stitched 'Grow' sentiments came from Carelene in Tennessee and the amazing 3-story house came from Marion in Germany (Marion didn't include an email, so I hope my thank you gets to him/her).

The fifth card is from Theresa in California.  I love the warm, vibrant colors!

Thank you all!  

I can't wait to see what's coming next!

Link to tangle pattern Tendrils and Valen-tangle Cards

Suzanne McNeil has posted the steps to her tangle pattern Tendrils and a link to a YouTube video showing how to create lovely zentangle-inspired Valentine cards.

Link to tangle pattern Fleuri

The steps to CZT® Geneviève Crabe's tangle pattern Fleuri have been posted at

Link: MyMemories Suite V3 Video Tutorial! 1 - Where to find what I bought!

Though I haven't had much time to play with MyMemories Suite lately, I've found it easy to use.  The one thing that baffled me a bit when I started was finding the items I had bought.  A tutorial has just been posted on the blog showing how to do that.  For this tutorial (and many others) check out the MyMemories blog.

Link:Tiger Pens’ Love Is In The Air Giveaway

Tiger Pens has three giveaways going.  They are giving away some Sakura Gelly Roll Metallic & Souffle pens; a Stabilo EASYball pen, and a Pentel Stylo with the choice of a Womble toy!

Link: Monday Morning Review Round-up at European Paper

Did you wake up this morning wondering about pens and paper?  European paper has a round-up of reviews on notebooks& planners and pens&pencils for your reading pleasure.

Link: Weekly Challenge #58: Diamonds

Laura Harms' challenge this week is to use the Four Diamonds logo as your string as well as other diamond-type tangles.

Link: Dangling Dolly Postcards made with DelightTM

Check out my post at the Creative Paperclay® blog.  I joined the International Postcard swap and used it for my project this month.

Rhodia Journal Swap-Page the Third, My book

I switched to colored pencil to avoid the bleed-thru, but I wish I hadn't.  I couldn't get the detail I wanted, and the scan came out way too yellow.  Ah well.

Links: Lotsa stuff happening at Viva Las Vegas Stamps

If you haven't been watching the Viva Las Vegas Stamps blog, you've missed some announcements--

Supersale!  Up to 46% off.  (Ends on 2/14)
Design Team Call 2012
Win a Pound O' Rubber from Viva Las Vegastamps-the winner will be chosen on Valentine's Day!
Pre-Order Terri Sproul's Mixers and SAVE!
February Newsletter- The challenge theme is 'Love', check out the new stamps using designs from Mary Vogel Lozinak (you'll laugh, just looking at them!)

Sorry-I had to set up word verification on this blog

I've been getting an increasing amount of spammed comments, so I've turned on the word verification.  I apologize, because I know it can be a pain.

Link: Zentangle Inspired Journal Prompt #7 - Tangled Love

CZT Patty Farrell has posted  ZIA Journal Tangle and Writing Prompt #7-Tangled Love.

Link: Password Journal with Creative Paperclay® & Articus' Mold

Robyn Correa has posted a tutorial showing how to make a cool 'password' journal, for all those passwords you have to remember (but aren't too sensitive for writing down).

Link to tangle pattern Zentangle Kisses

Barbara K.1 has posted steps to her tangle pattern Zentangle Kisses.

Link to tangle pattern Icebulbz

ArjadL has posted steps to her tangle pattern Icebublz.

Link: Geneviève Crabe's Weekly Zentangle Roundup 2/10/12

Geneviève Crabe's Weekly Zentangle Roundup of new Zentangle patterns and other articles of interest.

Link: Leslie Rahye's Very Steampunk Valentine Blog Hop!

Like Steampunk?  Want some Valentine project ideas?  Leslie Rahye and other talented crafters have a blog hop happening today.  Lots of projects and fabulous prizes!  Blog hop starts here.

Rhodia Journal Swap-Page the Second, My book

Translation of Left Page:
Page, the Second:
Reasons You Should Not Have a Mastiff
The food bill isn't so bad-about the same as a Shepherd or Lab.  It's the accessories that get expensive.

Hats-Mastiffs drool.  They shake their heads and the drool gets on the ceiling. 'Nuff said.

First Aid Equipment- Ointment for friction burns after you've been drug across the yard.  Plaster cast for broken toes after a mastiff steps on them.  Bandages.  Mastiffs shed.  It isn't excessive, but they are so big that the hair adds up. Sooner or later, you won't realize that one of the furballs you vacummed up was actually the cat.  The bandages are for after you let the cat out of the bag.  She won't be happy with you.

Yard Cleanup-you need a snow shovel and a wheelbarrow.  Hip waders are recommended.

Gas masks are optional, but you'll probably want one, in case you can't get out of the room fast enough when a mastiff breaks wind.

And have I mentioned the snoring?  The…

Link to tangle patterns Whatz that, Leef Chainz & Lot 'o botz

Texasdoxiemama, aka Linda Rea, has posted the steps to three new tangle patterns:

whatz that
Leef Chainz
lot 'o botz

Bleedthrumanade with New tangle patterns Foh-Liage and Faux-Glove

Before I get to the tangle patterns or the bleedthrumanade (got lemons, make lemonade; got marker bleed-thru, make bleedthrumanade) I want to show you this cool stamp set that I won from Simon Says Stamp.  If you are a crafter and don't follow their blog, you are missing out.  They post new projects every day--tons of techniques and ideas, as well as introducing new products from different lines.  And they have lots of giveaways!
I used some of the stamps over Copic markers to do the front of this bleedthrumanade.

I didn't go very far with the back.  I started tinkering with this pattern that is very similar to Fohbraid.  One I thought looked like foliage and one sort of like Foxglove...and then it turned into something else entirely, lol.  By that time I decided not to choose a third name.  Foh-liage is the main pattern and they are all tangleations from there.

I decided to quit filling in, so that the tangle patterns didn't get lost, so it isn't much of a bleedthruman…

Rhodia Journal Swap-Page the First, My book

I did up the first page in my Rhodia WebNotebook for the 2012 Rhodia Journal Swap.  You can see what others are doing at the Rhodia Journal Swap Tumblr site.

Done with Copic Markers and Multliner SPs.

The sentiment 'Abandon Hope' doesn't apply to the journal.  The drawing came from a picture of my late mastiff, Liam, and whenever I look at that photo of him with his mouth gaping and his gullet showing, that thought passes through my mind, because so many objects disappeared through that mouth, lol!

My entry for the Letraset Coloring Challenge #6

Letraset has a new coloring challenge going.  The line art is adorable and I couldn't resist.

Let me say, for the books, I just love Letraset's Pastel Beige Promarker color.  It's a wonderful neutral that goes with almost any color.  It's almost like Tofu (only it doesn't taste as good.  As bad?) in that it adds body without masking the flavor of the colors you are using it with.