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The Uni Pin Pen and Drawings that don't satisfy, yet oddly enough, do

Another type of pen that I recently bought from is the Uni Pin Pen.  I really like it and have been drawing up a storm.  Sooner or later, I'll write a review on these pens, but hubby's on vacation and I'm having too much fun drawing with them to write the review right now, lol.
While I'm saving up the drawings I like, I've done a couple that I don't quite like.  I'm sharing them anyway because I like a few things about them--and because they are semi-realism.  I find I'm much more likely to be dissatisfied with realistic drawings because they don't match the image in my head, but often other people do like them.
I've learned to be dissatisfied but not unhappy with drawings like this.  Sharing them makes me open up to them and look for the things I do like.  
I didn't like what was happening with the fronds around the leopard and since the form of hatching I'm using is fairly time-intensive I decided to quit working on this o…

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Carole Fontaine has posted the step out to her tangle pattern Weenie.

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CZT Donna Lacey has posted the step outs to her patterns Knightspeek,Salmon, and Platt.

Link to info on Month-long giveaways at Holley's Blog

 will be having daily giveaways all February long!  You need to post her linkie and email her in order to enter, so check out her latest post for the details.

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Link to a tutorial on the Sakura Micron 01 Pen

My little Pockatbook

Yes! Pocket + Cats = Pockats!

I received a 9 page pamphlet in the mail.  Don't even remember what it was for.  I promptly gesso'd it, painted the pages with acrylic paint, then taped the pages together with miracle tape to form 4 pockets and used it for the contents of my little Pockatbook.  Each page has a second pocket as well.
Supplies used throughout: gesso, Distress Inkpads-Tea Dye, Vintage Photo, Ranger Archival Inkpad-Black, Micron Pen .05, Silk's Acrylic paint-Emperor's Gold, miracle tape, cut up magazine pages sprayed with Fireworks Pear Tart & Cantaloupe, gel medium.
All images were stamped with the Ranger Archival pad. All of the pages were distressed with inkpads and I used Zentangle®-inspired patterns throughout as embellishment.  Magazine pieces were laid down as a base for each page.  Gel medium was used to glue pieces down.
Supplies for cover Viva Las VegaStamps! Images used: Tuxedo Cats15115 Tim Holtiz Rock Candy Clear Crackle Paint Grunge Paper Alcohol Ink…

Link to tangle pattern Yoga

Weekly Challenge #104

Laura Harms' Weekly Challenge #104

Review of the Ohto Graphic Liner Needle Point Drawing Pen

Earlier this week JetPens did a review on several of the drawing pens in their product line.  It was an excellent review except that there were no examples of drawings!  I had to do something about that didn't I?

I couldn't afford to buy one of all the pens included in the review (and I had to buy some more color-pencil like gel pens too!) but I was intrigued by the description of the Ohto Graphic Liner Needle Point Drawing Pen (JetPens has a giveaway going for a set of these pens, which ends on 1/28/13.  Disclaimer: Timing is coincidental.  JetPens didn't give me any pens and I didn't know about the giveaway when I bought mine).

My example was drawn with an Ohto Graphic Liner Needle Point Drawing Pen in .01 point size.
Heavy-handed: A person who holds their pen tightly and presses down hard on the pen in an attempt to control the line has a heavy hand.

A light hand is usually recommended for writing or drawing but most of us hold our pens too tightly and apply too much pr…

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Link to info on Month-long giveaways at Holley’s Blog

 will be having daily giveaways all February long!  You need to post her linkie and email her in order to enter, so check out her latest post for the details.

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Review of the Pilot Drawing Pen

Earlier this week Jetpens did a review on several of the drawing pens that they carry.  It was an excellent review except that there were no examples of drawings!  I had to do something about that didn't I?

Unfortunately, I couldn't afford to buy one of every one of the pens listed, but I bought the ones that I found the most intriguing-the others I'll get sooner or later!

The Pilot Drawing Pen comes in 3 colors, and 6 sizes.  This drawing was done completely with a .05 point-size.

The Jetpens reviews and other comments I read spoke about the light line they got with the DR, but I discovered a secret.

You can vary the line width and darkness by the angle of the pen.  The tips have a fairly flat point, so if you hold it mostly straight down, more like a brush, you can get a dark, bold line.  Angle the pen so you are using the edge and you can get faint wispy lines.  Change your angle and change the line.  At some angles the pen feels scratchy.

The pens are described as wat…

Blast from the Past blog hop

This is one stop of a fantastic blog hop! If you didn't start on the Vva Las VegaStamps! blog page you might want to go there first.  If you comment on all the stops you will be entered to win an unmounted plate o' rubber of your choosing!  The list of all the blogs is at the bottom of the page!

Blast from the Past Comic Page

Blame it on Dickens and Gold Key comic books!

Each Blast from the Past Blog hop members was sent one of VLVS! older images, and challenged to use it.
When I received the Sourpuss stamp I definitely felt challenged.  I knew I wanted to evoke visions  of the Christmas Carol and the old Twilight Zone comics I used to read--those oddly philosophical and strangely terrifying stories.  I had a vision of my Sourpuss as the lead-in to one of those storytime gems from the past.
But that's all you get--the lead-in.  You'll have to come up with the rest of the story yourself. ...BWaaaaHAAhaaHAAA!

There were three components to creating this comic page--the stampe…

Meanderings of a Medicated Mind

A while back I had a sinus infection and didn't feel much like doing anything, even tangling.  Oddly, though, the desire to doodle people seized my fevered brain--I don't draw people very often.  I'd forgotten I'd even done these, and rediscovered them the other day whle flipping through my Rhodia dotWebbie.

My Just Because giveaway ends tonight at midnight!

Head over to my Just Because giveaway postto enter for a chance to win a Stillman & Birn Alpha series sketchbook, Distress inkpads, Distress markers, a 6-pen set of Microns and a plate of rubber stamps from Blockheads Paper Arts!  Ends 1/24/13 midnight PST--tonight!

Review of Tul Pens from OfficeMax

Shortly before Christmas I won a set of TŪL pens from the Letters and Journals blog (thank you Jackie and OfficeMax!)

I've been playing with my pens for a while, and I like them all for writing.

They're smooth writers--no drag.  They are quick-drying, but with the exception of the marker pen, you can smear them within the first few seconds.  For their price range, these are decent pens and I won't hesitate to purchase more of them in the future.
My favorite is the marker pen.  It gives a nice bold line, and glides across the page.  
The Ballpoint forms blobs on the tip that take longer to dry and thus increases the chance of smearing.  It isn't as noticeable when writing, but very noticeable when drawing.  I also found that it jitters a bit if you write too quickly and leaves a more jagged line.
While, the Ballpoint is the weakest performer,  I was pleased with all of them.  I do prefer them for writing, and they'll be my daily purse carrys that I use for both wri…

Have you entered my Just Because giveaway yet?

Head over to my Just Because giveaway post to enter for a chance to win a Stillman & Birn Alpha series sketchbook, Distress inkpads, Distress markers, a 6-pen set of Microns and a plate of rubber stamps from Blockheads Paper Arts!

Link to Zentangle art giveaway

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Weekly Zentangle Challenge #103

Closed-Just Because Giveaway-Closed

This giveaway is now ended!  An email has been sent to the Cindy and she has responded.  I want to thank everyone who entered!

I'm having a giveaway.  I tried to think of reasons for having one.  I passed 800,000 hits on this blog.  I'm close to 600 followers.  But, in the end, it all boils down to the fact that I WANT to have a giveaway.  Just because.

THE RULES: Leave a comment with contact info.  That can be

an email address, (ex. emailaddy [at] gmail [dot] com OR a Facebook name ( only if we are friends.  I'm Sandra Strait on Facebook) OR  a Twitter name (only if we follow each other.  I'm molossus1 on Twitter.)
One entry per person.  Friending or following isn't a requirement unless you want to be contacted via Facebook or Twitter.  It is NOT a requirement to enter the giveaway.

Everyone is welcome, including international entrants and past winners of my giveaways.

The giveaway starts 1/20/13 and ends midnight 1/24/13-ended(me hoping I'll be able to mail the priz…

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Poppie_60 has posted the step out to her tangle patterns Jingles and Charris.

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TanglePatterns String 036

Zendala Dare #41

Owl's Flight

I saw a photo of a sunset. I've been playing around, using Tim Holtz Distress stamp pads to color my backgrounds recently, and immediately I thought of the Summer limited edition colors--Picked Raspberry, Mowed Lawn and Salty Ocean.  Though having used them, I think my drawing looks more like the moon sinking just before sunrise.

Using a foam pad on an ink blending tool, I rubbed the colors onto a page in one of my Stillman & Birn Alpha series sketchbooks.
I used Distress Markers in Black Soot, Vintage Photo, and Shabby Shutters for the trees and ground.  

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Geneviève Crabe's Weekly Roundup, zentangle, links to tangle patterns

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Hotpots-new tangle pattern

I've had this tangle for a little while and not posted it because--well.  It does look like a lot of little pots, but it also, kind of, looks like little toilets.  *sigh*
But it doesn't so much when you use it, especially if you turn it on it's side, so I decided to go ahead and post it.

For my examples I tried out something new.  Well, not so new, but used a bit differently.  In crafting, tags and cards are often distressed by inking up foam pads with color from stamping inkpads.  I love the glow and antiqued colors that you get this way, and thought--why not do this for a background?
So I did.  With a foam pad, I rubbed color from Tim Holtz Distress inkpads--Old Paper, Shabby Shutters, and Vintage Photo--on a page  in my Rhodia DotWebbie.  I used the same colors in Distress markers to do the line work and shadows (plus the marker Tumbled Glass).
I used the same colors here, but added some Spiced Marigold.  Because my Black Soot Distress marker is out of ink, I used a Mic…

Link to tangle pattern Spinstar

Tangle pattern LawnYawns

My latest tangle pattern is a result of insomnia, and patterns thus developed are always a bit strange.

These odd little flower-fungus type thingies seemed like they were yawning.  I envisioned a field of yawning flower-fungus thingies invading the lawn.  It would be an interesting twist on the usual dandelion.

After I drew this, I was off to bed counting LawnYawners til I dozed off to sleep.

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Part II-Review of the Leuchtturm Pocket Hard Cover Ruled Notebook

Shortly before the end of the year, I won aLeuchtturm Pocket Hard Cover Ruled Notebook from European Paper and wrote a quick review (Part 1), covering the look and feel of the product.  With the holidays coming on, I didn't have time for more.

But since then I've been working away, using various mediums in the notebook, and today I'm sharing my review of the Leuchtturm's performance (is that the right word?  Does a notebook or sketchbook 'perform'. Vroooom, vrooom! Yes.  I think it does, lol)

For reference, here's the Leuchtturm and specs for the book I'm reviewing.  It is a lined notebook, but as usual I draw, paint and scribble in it anyway.

Hard Cover 3.5 x 6 pocketbook size (90x150mm) 185 Numbered Pages 80 gsm Acid-Free Paper      Paper Color White      Page Style Ruled      Elastic Eco Cred Acid-Free (pH Neutral)      Page Corners Rounded Matching Elastic Closure & Placeholder Thread-Bound (Sewn) Binding Color-coordinated cloth Ribbon Table of Contents Page 8…