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Creating Art at the Speed of Life' - Day 29 #PamCarriker #ArtAtTheSpeedOfLife #ArtJournaling

Now this page is the epitome of a 'save'.  Although, I'm fairly deft with the save--taking a disaster and working it into something else, I have to admit I panicked a bit this time around.

Lesson #30 is another that uses Pam's liquid graphite. As I've explained in an earlier post I don't have any.  I'm not fond of graphite in any form so I doubt I'll buy it.  The color change it makes looks intriguing, but my personal dislike is entrenched enough that I don't want to spend the money to try it out.

So what happened?  I used a regular graphite pencil, and then an ink pen that I haven't used too much.  I felt the charcoal gray ink in the pen would give a similar look to graphite.  Instead, for some reason, the ink just beaded up on the page and refused to soak in.  I let the ink set for 24 hours and decided it was never going to (that pen is now in the garbage.  It was something cheap I came across in the store and bought out of curiousity).

I tried wiping it away, only to find that in some places it had stained and now it was smeared.  My original work was trashed.  Out came the white gesso, which immediately turned a sickly gray.  I added more gesso and a touch of blue, which helped but resulted in a very thick application.  I didn't mind that, and used a fork to add some texture lines.

In the end, I rather liked the background I got, but with so much texture, it did cause me difficulty with the drawing and writing.  Also, my husband had eaten the apple I was using for a model, and we had no more.  I had to redraw from memory, so my apple is a little funky.

Overall, despite a little panic when my gesso turned so ugly, I enjoyed the process, and I'm not unhappy with the page.  It was a good reminder, that a page is only a 'fail' if you stop.  If it feels like failure, just give it a spin, til it feels like a win!

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I'm the featured artist on the Pentel of America blog today!

I'm so honored! I'm the featured artist on the Pentel of America blog today!

Creating Art at the Speed of Life' - Day 28 #PamCarriker #ArtAtTheSpeedOfLife #ArtJournaling

Lesson #28 of Pam's book has you painting over photographs and giving them borders that you use to create a feeling of depth.  It was great fun, and I'll be playing more with this technique.

Given the placement of my closest photograph (the dog) and the slope of the book though, I think the 3D effect was lost a bit.  I played around with different ways of taking the picture, and this comes the closest.

I guess you'll have to try it out yourself to really see how it works, lol!

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Creating Art at the Speed of Life' - Day 27 #PamCarriker #ArtAtTheSpeedOfLife #ArtJournaling

Happy Thanksgiving to those in the U.S. and a happy day to all!

Lesson #27 was on shading.  This is pretty standard for me, so I didn't feel the need to do an assessment sheet.  Unfortunately, the scanner didn't pick up the lightest shade of gray (done with Pitt brush pen).  Another reason, I like sketch and gel pen over pencil and marker for my shading.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Creating Art at the Speed of Life' - Day 25 & 26 #PamCarriker #ArtAtTheSpeedOfLife #ArtJournaling

After counting off the pages I had left in my handmade journal, I realized that I somehow come out a page short.  I felt that Lesson 26 was a continuation of Lesson 23, so I decided it could easily be incorporated into Lesson 25.

In #25, Pam has us develop a 'brand', a signature style for signing our name.  I actually already have one, though I haven't used it in years.  I've always hated signing my work, and used to just put down my initials.

I've got the 'almost finished' bug, and I think I've hurried the last few assignments for no really good reason than I'm almost finished.  I'll try to slow down a bit for the rest.

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Tomorrow is the American Thanksgiving, so there will be no link list for Thursday or Friday. I'll be back for Saturday though!

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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Creating Art at the Speed of Life' - Day 24 #PamCarriker #ArtAtTheSpeedOfLife #ArtJournaling

There is a certain style of drawing and painting that I personally associate with the '50's, jazz and beatnik sensibilities.   I've always liked it, but it requires a clean and simple layout that is quite different than my own.

While working through this journal, influenced by Pam's illustrations, I've started to get the hang of it.  It makes for a refreshing change and I'm eager to see how I'll integrate it into my own dense, layered style.

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Creating Art at the Speed of Life' - Day 23 #PamCarriker #ArtAtTheSpeedOfLife #ArtJournaling

Lesson #23 was both a bit of a let-down and a bit of a relief after the interactive lessons preceding it.

Making marks is something I'm very familiar with, but this lesson explored the use of items other than just pen and pencil.  My marks came out very light and I made the mistake of using metallic markers for the border, so I had a difficult time getting them to scan.  The page looks much better than this in real life.

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Saturday, November 23, 2013

Creating Art at the Speed of Life' - Day 21 #PamCarriker #ArtAtTheSpeedOfLife #ArtJournaling

Lesson #21 was fun!  It used a cut-out to provide a focal point.

To save time, I used stamps rather than drawing or doodling.  I did write out most of the children's poem 'The House that Jack Built', one of my all time favorites and I did paint the fence. I chose bright colors and kept it simple--something that's hard for me to do!  

Saturday Links to Tangles, Tutorials and Giveaways #zentangle #Giveaways #Lifeimitatesdoodles

Jury duty's over and I'm back!

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Creating Art at the Speed of Life' - Day 20 #PamCarriker #ArtAtTheSpeedOfLife #ArtJournaling

I have this habit.  I buy some art supply and I really wanted it, but feel a little guilty buying it because it's a bit spendy.  So I hesitate to use it, fearing that I'll make a mess of the work and, therefore, waste the product.  One of my secondary purposes for creating this art journal was to make myself use some of the products I've been hoarding.

Decopatch decoupage papers are gorgeous.  Given that I have tons of scrapbook paper and other decorative pages, they are a luxury, but I had to have some.  They've sat for well over a year because I was waiting for just the right project.

So, even though this lesson isn't exactly a decoupage project, I decided to use some of my precious papers.  Pam had me tracing my hand three times and overlapping the tracings to create shapes.  I like the result, but I think it would have been more powerful if I'd used more solid colors in contrasting shades.

Still, this version has it's own subtle appeal.  And I've started to get my money's worth from those papers, which I wasn't when they just sat on the shelf.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Creating Art at the Speed of Life' - Day 19 #PamCarriker #ArtAtTheSpeedOfLife #ArtJournaling

One of the things I'm finding most difficult about the lessons in Pam Carriker's book is in taking the time to find emphemera that suits what I'm doing.  I'd like to say that it's because time is limited--if I do get on a jury, then I'll have to stop journaling for a while, most likely.

But that's an excuse.  There is always something that limits my time.  I'm sure most of you identify with that.

The answer, I suppose, is that if you are going to be art journaling, then keep an eye out for interesting text, cut it out and store it somewhere.  Then when you need it, you already have emphemera ready to go.

Just having sheets of book & magazine pages and newspaper won't do--you still have to go through them looking for the right stuff.  Cut out exactly what you thing you might use.  Highlight words or circle them.  When you are in the throes of creation, you don't want to stop and dig through stacks of paper, so plan ahead and eliminate half the work.

I like the simplicity of this page.  Pam suggests using water-soluble graphite with a white acrylic wash.  I don't have the graphite so I used a black gelato mixed with a Zinc white acrylic wash (zinc white being more translucent than Titanium).

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Creating Art at the Speed of Life' - Day 18 #PamCarriker #ArtAtTheSpeedOfLife #ArtJournaling

Lesson #18 was more in my comfort zone, though I had to work hard to keep myself from fussing endlessly with the painting.

The challenge was to look at something from a different angle than I usually would.  It does challenge your ideas on perspective, doing that!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Creating Art at the Speed of Life' - Day 17 #PamCarriker #ArtAtTheSpeedOfLife #ArtJournaling

Lesson #17 was about block printing.  I debated about just using a pre-bought stamp, because of the time involved in carving my own, but I've had a speedball carving block for well over a year, that I've put off carving.

So here's my first self-carved stamp.  As usual, I got a bit too ambitious but it's not too bad.  I wish I had carved it smaller though so I could have got a series of three on the page.

The second image is a ghost, but it isn't as blurry in real life.  The finished portion of my journal is so thick now, that I'm having trouble getting a flat scan or photo.

Alice in Wonderland Redux #VLVS #VivaLasVegaStamps #7DotsStudio #SakuraOfAmerica #SpectrumNoir

Alchohol Marker on scrapbook paper?  It works! Who knew?  I describe my Adventures in Wonderland in today's Viva Las VegaStamps! Design Team post.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Creating Art at the Speed of Life' - Day 16 #PamCarriker #ArtAtTheSpeedOfLife #ArtJournaling

Lesson #16 was more difficult than I thought.  I had to keep referring to the book to wrap my mind around which elements were negative and which were positive.

This was a surprise, as I thought I had a good eye for that.

For the sake of speed, I used one of Pam Carriker's templates that are supplied in the book, so this exercise probably looks the most like her example.
This is yet another lesson that I want to try again.  I'm happy with the result but I'd like to play with the negative and positive aspect again.  I know my work will be the better for gaining the ability to 'see' both negative and positive.

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I report for jury duty today, so there won't be a link post tomorrow and possibly longer, depending on whether I get on a trial or not (and my hubby's home on vacation, too, drat it!).  However, I do have pages posted, one each day, from the art journal I'm doing based on Pam Carriker's book 'Creating Art at the Speed of Life', so please continue to visit!

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Creating Art at the Speed of Life' - Day 15 #PamCarriker #ArtAtTheSpeedOfLife #ArtJournaling

I thought I would hate Lesson 15.

It required finding images that you felt represented yourself in someway and that's a bit touchy-feely for me.  But as I got into it, I started to enjoy the process.

Wanting to focus on collage rather than drawing, I decided to use a photo--a selfie I did using a mirror.  I found it easier to use stamped images rather than searching through magazines to find my collage items.  For instance, the image coming out of the top of my head is a stamped image based off one of my Zentangle-Inspired pieces--I thought it represented my ZIA obsession rather well.

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Creating Art at the Speed of Life' - Day 13 & 14 #PamCarriker #ArtAtTheSpeedOfLife #ArtJournaling

I sorta hadda show Lessons 13 and 14 together.

Lesson 13 was Cutouts & Cutaways.  The page was cut in places to create doors, and when opened.... see part of the next page.  This lesson was fun.  The buttons I used to hold the shutters closed have a removable clip, so I can take them out until I finish the journal.  That way I won't have to fight the bulge they leave.

 Lesson 14 was Building Character.

Two things happened with this lesson, that I didn't plan.  One, I was selecting and cutting out my collage items when I was away from home, and didn't have Pam's book with me.  After I got home, I realized I was supposed to use black & white copies, and cut the items into squares or shapes rather than trim around the lines.

I didn't want to start over, so I went with what I'd already prepared.  I'll try to use this lesson's technique in a later lesson.

The second thing that happened was that the page looks like a political statement.  My gal looks a little bit 'barefoot' and pregnant', and she's busting out of a traditional-official-type building. Even when I was writing the text, I didn't realize it (I think because I was working on Lesson 13 at the same time, and concentrating on the logistics of what the doors would show).  The next day, I did a bit of a double-take.  Was this subconcious or just serendipity?  I don't know, but I like it.

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Creating Art at the Speed of Life' - Day 12 #PamCarriker #ArtAtTheSpeedOfLife #ArtJournaling

After doing two pages that I really likes, I've done the page I like least.

This lesson was about collaging with various items, and then creating a wash to unite them.  I got caught up in a quest to achieve a wider range of values, and merely succeeded in covering up the  collaged items completely.  It isn't that I feel the page is so terribly bad, or a matter of being disappointed.  I believe that I didn't make use of the tools properly or learn all the lesson had to teach.   Understanding what you didn't learn can be the most valuable thing to know.  

I'll have to repeat this lesson in the near future.  Collage is one of those techniques that I've done very little with and really need to work on.

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Creating Art at the Speed of Life' - Day 11 #PamCarriker #ArtAtTheSpeedOfLife #ArtJournaling

I'm disappointed.  Oh not with this journal page--this is my favorite page so far, but try as I might, I haven't been able to scan or photograph the colors properly.  The photo below is the closest I've been able to come.

I played with my rust effect, adding some white ghosting on top.  I like it!

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Creating Art at the Speed of Life' - Day 10 #PamCarriker #ArtAtTheSpeedOfLife #ArtJournaling

Today's post bears little resemblence to the lesson it was supposed to be, which centered around printer transfers.  I discovered long ago that my inkjet does work well for transfers.  Possibly it might work if I had the inkjet transfer acetate used in the lesson.  But I don't want to pay the money for a package and discover that it still doesn't work.

I thought hard about this lesson, and decided the essence of it was getting your images onto the page in a transparent state so that the background came through.

Silk tissue paper (aka rice paper, which is actually mulberry paper) goes completely transparent when you adhere it with soft gel medium, so that's what I chose to use.  Supposedly, I could tape the tissue paper onto a sheet of copy paper and print on it (I've heard this from many sources), but I'm afraid to...a printer jam is a fearsome thing.  So I decided to stamp and color with Sakura gellyrolls.

Hey! I actually like my writing this time.  I copied the text from a carton of Morton's Salt, lol, for the background.

The silk tissue paper went completely transparent... and then the wine spill happened.  The tissue soaked up the wine more than the surrounding areas.  Oh well.  It doesn't look bad, just not what I was going for.  In fact, I felt it almost finished the page.  I thought it still needed something, so I added the pink dots with a glaze pen and called it a day.

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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Creating Art at the Speed of Life' - Day 9 #PamCarriker #ArtAtTheSpeedOfLife #ArtJournaling

Lesson 9 was to use a pointillist technique to color in a portrait and background.  I don't think you can tell it very well from the photo, and my writing and dark lines take away from the effect.

But I enjoyed this lesson quite a bit.  I've always loved pointillism.

I think this is the last time I will put down my writing as my primary dislike, even if it is.  At this point, I think I'm just reinforcing my dislike rather than training myself out of it.  My writing (as in font characters, not storytelling) isn't what I want it to be.  My feeling is that you can't improve your work until you accept it for what it is, rather than what you want.  Once you accept, you can work with your own style, instead of fighting to make it something else.  For me, that means just doing so much of it, that I forget what I was picturing in my head.

Okay, I get all thoughtful and opinionated here, so skip the rest of my blather, if you aren't into that kind of thing:

My philosophy is that you can't create perfection.  You can't find perfection.  You can't even define perfection.  The harder you look for it, the farther away it is.  Look for the truth, and work for the truth, and perfection will find you.  Chances are you won't even notice when it does--you'll be too busy happily doing your thing.

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Monday, November 11, 2013

'Creating Art at the Speed of Life' - Day 8 #PamCarriker #ArtAtTheSpeedOfLife #ArtJournaling

I did a lot of substitution for this project.  I didn't have water-soluble graphite, so I used a regular 2B pencil.  I didn't have tracing paper so I used deli-wrap paper (translucent vellum, translucent rice (silk tissue paper), and possibly-napkins or tissue wrap would work as well).

I had a notepad with a raised picture of a building, so I used it for the rubbing, and then glued the tracing, graphite side down, using gel medium.

This was actually completed 4 or 5 days ago, and coming back, I like the writing better.  Maybe I'm just getting used to it now.  While I did like the background, deciding to leave it mostly blank on the left side, now I think I'd like to add more.

That's the beauty of art journaling.  A piece is never truly done.  You can keep adding to your heart's content.  However, I want to get as many pages semi-complete as possible before I report for jury duty next week, so I'll come back to this later as time allows.

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Sunday, November 10, 2013

'Creating Art at the Speed of Life' - Day 7 #PamCarriker #ArtAtTheSpeedOfLife #ArtJournaling

This lesson asked me to use a wax crayon for the writing, to act as a resist for the acyrlic paint.  I didn't have a wax crayon and tried using a Perfect Pearl medium pen (a clear embossing ink in a pen rather than a pad).  I know the pen works as a resist for watercolor, but, as I found out, not for acrylic.  

So I learned that I do want to buy a wax crayon.  They're pretty cheap, and I think I'd use it.

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Saturday, November 9, 2013

'Creating Art at the Speed of Life' - Day 6

Well, the wine spill didn't slow me down as much as I thought it might.  I think I'll just seal the pages with a clear gel medium and leave it at that.  It isn't a bad idea anyway, as it will set any collage items I have.  I'll just need a light hand where I've used water soluble media.

That said on with the lessons.

I've always enjoyed drawing faux maps (don't have the patience to do a real one!).  I didn't intend this effect, and my piece came out quite different from Pam's, while still embracing the focus of the lesson. 

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Friday, November 8, 2013

'Creating Art at the Speed of Life' - Day 5

Earlier this week, I reviewed Pam Carriker's book 'Creating Art at the Speed of Life' and I'm sharing the results of my exploration, whether I like the pages or not.

I've experienced a small bump in the road.  Last night as I waiting for 'Sherlock' to come on, sipping on a glass of red Port wine, one of my shelves tipped over for no reason that I can explain. My hand-made journal was on the shelf, tumbled down and attacked the innocent wine--I guess it was thirsty because it sure soaked up enough of it.

The covers got the worst, and I'm more worried about possible consequences from the sugar content than the staining.  I'll probably spend today researching damage control rather than journaling.

However, I am some pages ahead of what I've been posting here, so hopefully there will be no pause in my sharing.

Lesson #5: It's Complementary

For anyone who does this lesson, I recommend giving yourself a couple of days, searching for the right collage items, if you want your pages to truly reflect the the lesson.  I didn't do that.  Before starting this journal, I made the decision to avoid fussing, keep it fresh, and use what I have on hand.  I've given myself the challenge to do at least a page a day until other deadlines and/or jury duty slows me down.  I only had a few items I felt fit the bill.

I decided to stay with my plan, but honestly, I could see creating an entire journal based on just this lesson alone.   Perhaps an idea for the New Year?

Notice that my pages all have the dots along the center?  I discovered that the paint was leaking through to other pages at the fold, so I'm adding a strip of adhesive paper drywall tape at the center of each page.  Some paint still leaks through, but very little.  A solid strip of masking tape would do better, but the drywall tape is less intrusive, and the holes let me work it into the layout.

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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Another two days of 'Creating Art at the Speed of Life' #PamCarriker #ArtAtTheSpeedOfLife

Yesterday, I reviewed Pam Carriker's book 'Creating Art at the Speed of Life'.  I'm going to share what I'm doing as I go along, even the pages that I don't like.  There may be more of them than the ones I do.  This art journal is an exploration, pushing myself to do things I don't normally do.  It isn't a matter of easy or difficult, it's a matter of pushing past some of my own dislikes and fears, while building on what I already know.

With Lesson #3, Pam introduces the idea of an assessment sheet.  Generally, art journaling is about doing and not worrying about the finished product.  But face it, we all have a reaction to our own work.  Sometimes, it can be good to analyze and decided what we like and what we don't.  She provides a template, so you can choose whether you want to print the sheets out or not.

The sheets ask you what you like, what you don't like, what you might do differently and how you might use what you learned going forward.

I find that I'm having trouble coming up with answers.  I have such a thing about lettering (I've NEVER liked doing it) that it's hard for me to assess the overall.  I think what I'll do is give whatever pops into my head.  Then I'll come back in a month or so, and do a second assessment.  This will give me a good idea of what my own prejudices are telling me when I'm in the throes of creating vs what I really feel about the piece when my frustrations are gone.

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Review: Pam Carriker's 'Creating Art at the Speed of Life' - 30 Days of Mixed Media Exploration #BookReview #PamCarriker #ArtAtTheSpeedOfLife

I really should be working on Christmas presents.  But with the onset of rain and grey, my creativity quotient is low.  For quite some time, I've wanted to make my own journal and do some traditional art journaling.  I kept putting it off because of other commitments and deadlines and I felt it was also adding to my low creativity.  If I block a project that really interests me, in order to do projects that interest me less, then that will sometimes happen.

Normally, I prefer to noodle about and do whatever pops into my fervid little brain.  But I wanted to make this fast.  You can do that with art journaling.  I decided that for once, I'd follow along in someone's else's world of ideas.

The upshot--After looking through several workbook-style books, I settled on Pam's 'Creating Art at the Speed of Life' (not to be confused with her previous book 'Art at the Speed of Life'.  This book just hit the stores in September 2013).

Why did I choose this book? The instructions are concise, the projects quick and easy, and I felt I could use products that I had at hand.  I actually find traditional art journaling to be out of my comfort zone, and felt this book would get me to do techniques that I don't normally do, such as collage and hand-writing.  You laugh at me.  But I've just never explored these things.  Always something new to learn, lol!

I thought I'd do a quick review to help you decide if this might be a book for you.  All opinions are mine, and based on my own preferences.  As always, please take your own style and desires into account--one man's meat and all that.

Look and Feel
Paperback: 176 pages
Cover: Cardstock
Published on: 09/23/13
Published by: Interweave
Size: 8.5 x 10.2 in 
Weight: 1 LB

The book is high quality slick paper.  You can't fold it back easily, but it does lie reasonably flat.  I find the size a bit large for laying out as a reference while I work.  My workspace is tight, and this is usually the case for me with most artbooks.  One of the reasons, I've been buying them on Kindle of late, but this book isn't available on Kindle at the moment.

The graphics are good.

Here is the art journal I made from Pam's instructions.  I used Strathmore 140-lb Coldpress (even though Pam recommends 90-lb).  I'll paint the cover after I finish the journal because, as you can see, the projects get messy.

The chapters titles set the theme for four to five lessons, with two introductory chapters that discuss how to use the book, and how to make your own art journal.  The art journal is fairly easy to make, but you do need 22x30 inch paper and book-binding tape.  (I bought these items--the only thing I bought for the purpose of this project.  I decided to substitute where I didn't have items required).

There are templates included, that you can use for artwork if you wish and there is a template for critiquing each page you create.

The Chapters:
--Driven to Create
--The Handmade Journal

Chapter 1: Playful Palette
Lesson 1: Color Wheeling
Lesson 2: Colorful Language
Lesson 3: Analogous Analogy
Lesson 4: One Color at a Time
Lesson 5: It's Complementory

Chapter 2: Tactile by Nature
Lesson 6: Under Wraps
Lesson 7: Multitasking Mediums
Lesson 8: Rubbed the Right Way
Lesson 9: First Impession(ism)
Lesson 10: Faux-toshop Collage

Chapter 3: Setting Boundaries
Lesson 11: Getting into Shape
Lesson 12: Ephemeral Matters
Lesson 13: Cutouts and Cutaways
Lesson 14: Building Character

Chapter 4: Sacred Space
Lesson 15: Arcimboldo-Style Self-Portrait
Lesson 16: Positively Negative
Lesson 17: Chip off the Old Block
Lesson 18: A Different View

Chapter 5: Exploring the Element of Form
Lesson 19: Word Search
Lesson 20: Cubist Cutouts
Lesson 21: Pop-up Pages
Lesson 22: Behind the Mask

Chapter 6: Exploring the Element of Line
Lesson 23: Finding Your Mark
Lesson 24: Grand Gestures
Lesson 25: Urban Street Art
Lesson 26: Art on a Shoestring

Chapter 7: The Value of Shading
Lesson 27: Shades of Gray
Lesson 28: Trompe L'Oeil-Fool the Eye
Lesson 29: Sketching Without Pencils
Lesson 30: At Face Value

The End of the Road?
Mixed-Media Glossary
Clip Art
Contributing Artists

I'm enjoying the book very much.  The lessons are easy, and the projects quick to create.  While I'm familiar with most of the techniques, there are many that I don't often employ, so my range will expand.  And I have learned some tips I wasn't aware of, such as dipping your wet brush into gel medium when wetting your watercolor pencils into a wash, so the color will set).

I'm only on the eighth lesson of the book.  I don't have all the supplies and am substituting, so I expect to have 'failures' because my substitution doesn't do what the Pam's product would (for instance, in the lesson using a wax crayon as a resist, I thought maybe embossing medium would work. It didn't. But now I know I want to buy a wax crayon.)  I don't expect to have the time to finish the book in 30 days.  I may finish sooner, or I may have to drop the project and take it up later (depends on what happens when I report for jury duty).

But here's the thing--I'm not looking to create a journal that's perfect, so I'm not really 'failing'. I'm looking to explore.  Pam's book is a 'mixed-media exploration' and I'm exploring a little outside the bounds of the book. I made this decision partially because I wanted to use up some items I have, and because I didn't want to take the time to buy all the products I didn't have.

I felt this book had the range to allow my deviations while still learning what Pam wanted to show me.

For some, it will be best to buy exactly what is recommended.  For others, it will be best to do as I have done.  Take your own level of experience and desires into account, and proceed from there.

With 30 days of projects, I'm sure there was a need to keep the instructions brief and to-the-point.  I like this, because when I'm working I want to be able to look at the book and quickly find where I'm at, to refresh my memory.   I think some of the projects could have used a few more step-outs to illustrate when was going on, but by-and-large I'm happy with the instructions.

So what have I done so far?  I'm only going to show you the first two pages.  I'll show the rest two or three at a time as I go on.

Because I'm familiar with color wheel theory, I decided to make this page an exploration of a particular watercolor set that I have.  There are two color wheels here (Pam only calls for one).  One of my wheels is a traditional RYB (red, yellow, blue) and one is the more modern CMY (cyan, magenta, yellow).  I was trying to find the best choices in the set--I haven't yet, lol, so things got a bit ugly.

This page I really like.  Printing/handwriting has always been a problem for me because I don't like doing it.  I'm not sure why.  I love the look, but just don't want to do it.  Hopefully, I'll get over that by the time I'm done with this journal.

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