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Scribbler fast to do! #Scribbler_Too, #Life_Imitates_Doodles

I need to do some more Scribbler Too drawings.  The nice thing is that you can do them so quickly.  I have a few more stock-piled...I've been eking them out, but the pile is pretty small right now, so time to chop a few out!

I think that's a bouquet she's holding.

And while you're here, have you entered my Nature Walk Giveaway?

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Giveaway closed--Nature Walk Collection by 7Dots #7DotsStudio #NatureWalk #UmWowStudio

Recently I won a set of the Nature Walk collection by 7 Dots Studio.

As it happened, I had also bought a set.  What to do?  I'm sure I'd find enough uses to use every scrap, but I decided, hey! I haven't had a giveaway for a while!

I'm not giving away quite the whole collection ('cause a few things I want two of, lol!), so you may want to buy your own, and get the whole magilla.  I'm keeping one of the sets of stickers and the chipboard).

What am I giving away? This giveaway is  now closed.
(Forgive the watermarks--they are NOT on the actual pages))
1 set of six 12x12 sheets (12 designs) and twelve 6x6 sheets (12 designs) - the sheets have different designs on each side, so there are two designs per sheet.

2 Sheets of Nature Walk stickers

1 set of Nature Walk Clear Stamps

How to Enter?
Cut and paste these words 'I want to win Nature Walk' into the subject line of an email, and send it to me at This giveaway is  now closed.


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Review of the Pilot New Brush Pen #Jetpens #Pilot_New_Brush_Pen #Life_Imitates_Doodles

Jetpens sent me a couple of Pilot's New Brush pens (that's what they are called--the 'New Brush' pen) to review. They come in a Fine and Medium point size and I received one of each.  

Thank you, Jetpens, for the opportunity to try these pens out and share the results with my readers.

Specs  Fine/Medium Shipping Weight: 0.84 oz/0.85 oz
Body Color: Black
Body Material: Plastic
Diameter - Grip: 12.5 mm
Diameter - Max: 13 mm
Length - Capped: 18.4 cm
Length - Posted: 20.5 cm
Length - Uncapped: 17.2 cm
Tip Length: 8 mm/9mm
Tip Material: Synthetic Hair
Tip Replaceable: No
Cartridge Replaceable: Yes

Look & Feel The Pilot New Brush pen has a long body.  I have small hands and worried that it might be too long, and thought I'd have to use it uncapped.  To my surprise, it's so light that the length wasn't an issue.  I've been dealing with a sore wrist, but found this pen caused little strain.  That doesn't mean it is easy to use--brush pens aren't unless you are used…

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Another drawing of Christmas Roses #LifeImitatesDoodles #PigmaMicron

Last week I did a review of the Clairefontaine Japon Calligraphy Pad, which included a pen and ink drawing of roses, that I did as Christmas present for a friend.

That wasn't the only drawing of roses I did for Christmas.  This was done with the same pens on different paper.  I loved doing these, but OH! they took forever!

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Weekly Challenge #156
New online class "Tangling with Colored Pencils" 20% discount for a limited time.  #zentangle
No Zendala Dare was posted this week

Art Journaling
Journal52 Prompt 8: Found Poetry 

Although these journal prompts are numbered by the week, there is no pressure to do every prompt.  Feel free to join in at any time. Whether you go back and do earlier prompts is totally up to you.  There are Facebook groups where you can share, but you do not have join.  These prompts are to help you create art on a regular basis, not to make you stress about keeping up or sharing your work.  It's all good!

WATERCOLOR WORKSHOP: Painting Bearded Irises
Dylusions art journal page from scratch
Two interesting Gelli Plate experiments

Neatography Letter and Mail Package Giveaway
Authentique Paper Giveaway
A spring kit sneak peek and a Chickaniddy Crafts giveaway
Vintage Supply Co Salvage Giveaway (Facebook)
CAS-ual Intr…

There's no need to feel sheepish...#Scribbler_Too #Life_Imitates_Doodles

It's just another Scribbler Too drawing.

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Review of the Clairefontaine Calligraphy Pad

I received one of Clairefontaine's Calligraphy 'Japon'Pad a while back, and I've been loving it!

It's a huge pad at 12 x 15.5 inches, and all though the paper is only 60 lb, it has proved to be surprisingly sturdy.  With no more adieu, I'll get into the review!

Look and Feel
-Simili-style Japon Paper
-ivory color
-top bound, glued
-25 sheets
-60 lb/130 g/m2
-acid free paper
-rigid backboard, lightweight
-Size:  12 x 15.5"/30 x 40 cm  (also comes in 9.5 x 12".  The link above takes you to this smaller size )

The Clairefontaine Calligraphy Pad comes in a top bound glued format.  The paper tears away easily.  So easily that I don't believe you would want to keep your finished pieces in the pad because the pages will work loose eventually.

Despite being glued, you can open the pad at any point and the paper lies flat. There is a very thick but lightweight cardboard backing for support.

The paper is thin, but has a hard surface, smooth but not slic…

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The Weird Women of Scribbler Too #Scribbler_Too #Life_Imitates_Doodles

Although, I do draw more animals than people, I do people too.  But as often as not, they're on the odd side.  My Scribbler Too ladies are no different.

When you goof up in Scribbler Too, the only way you can erase is by switching to white and drawing over the area.  I didn't like what I'd done for the mermaid body, but when I started 'erasing' it, I ended up with a look that I did like, by only partially erasing the black lines.

I think I was channeling Brian Kesinger when I drew this one!

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I Want to Live on a Coffee Plantation #ArtJournal #ArtJournaling #LifeImitatesDoodles

As I mentioned earlier this week, I've joined an art journal swap.  We each chose an OLW (one little word) as a theme for our journal.  I chose the word Energy.

I'm the least energetic person I know.  So I think about energy a lot.  As in, I wish I had more.  I should do something about getting more energetic.  Soon.  Pretty soon.  Sooner or later.  One of these days...

A lot of people dream of having more energy.  So they reach for the coffee cup.  Cups.  Coffee Pots.  Drinking coffee is a national pastime.

So I think my page captures reality for many people.

For those interested-I've written the steps to my process, and then I've gone into detail about the reasons for my choices.  I often hear questions with a similar theme--how do you know how to do that?  It isn't exactly a know.  Knowledge certainly helps, but if it was a do this, do that experience, we'd all be doing it!  You more or less decide what you are going for, not just what the subject is, but ho…

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Today I Drew Elephants--#ScribblerToo, #LifeImitatesDoodles #ZentangleInspiredArt

I haven't done anything new in Scribbler Too since before Valentine's Day, but I had so many that I held some back, knowing I was already blitzing everyone.

I'll eke these out one or two at time when I don't have anything else to post.  Please forgive if I get confused and post some that you've already seen.

Today, I have elephants--kinTod of.

Here's the more-or-less traditional elephant.
And then here's an elephant in abstract.

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Adventures in Art Journaling #ArtJournal #ArtJournaling

I'm currently obsessed with Art Journaling, so I joined a swap.

We're using a Strathmore Mixed Media Visual Journal.  I know that many of you are familiar with these, but for those who aren't, they have a paper cover that tears off easily, and heavy cardboard covers.  The paper is 90 lb.  It isn't my favorite journal, because the wire binding allows the paper to slide more than I like, but it is very sturdy and will stand up to just about anything, so it is a good choice for a swap like this.

I got off to a bad start.  I created this cover...

...and then, worried that the Pigma Micron pen I used for tangling might wear off eventually, I decided to apply a very light coat of transparent gesso.  Hah! I dropped the jar, and half the contents spilled onto the journal.  Even with sopping most of it up and spreading it as thin as I could, the gesso dried matte and left a haze over everything.  You could barely see the gold foil horses I cut from a Lunar New Year envelope or …

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Painting Poppies, Muscle Memory and Starting at the Beginning

Yesterday, I took a watercolor class with Kathy Delumpa Allegri.  It was a beginner's class starting with the very basics of color mixing and brush control.

I also made the decision to start doing watercolors with my non-dominant hand.  This wasn't the challenge it would be for some.  I'm left-handed, right-eye dominant, which means I've always done some thing right-handed.  All those Scribbler Too drawings I've done recently were done with my non-dominant hand.

The reason for all this?  I've been playing with watercolor for a couple of years now.  I've done a few things I really liked, and most of what I did was okay.  But I never felt as though I were using watercolor AS watercolor.  I was drawing/painting the same way I did most of my work.  And I really want to capture the essence of watercolor.

I wasn't sure where I was going wrong, so I decided to back up, start at the beginning and see if that helps.  By switching to my non-dominant hand I remove…

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Sorry!  I'm going to be taking a watercolor painting class this weekend, so there will not be a link list this Saturday and Sunday.  Geneviève Crabe posts her tangle list on Friday afternoon.  I've linked to her blog, not the specific post, so Roundup #161 may not be available if you check early in the day.  Also, be sure to check, as there are usually updates on Friday.

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Have a Beary Nice Valentine's Day!

My Scribbler Too version of a Valentine's Day Bear Hug!

A Field of Flowers #LifeImitatesDoodles

I had the hardest time photographing this so that it was all in focus.  There was some curling at the edges but not enough to justify the corners going so out of focus.

Oh well, here it is in all it's glory!  Acrylics, glued ephemera and Sakura Gellyroll on mixed media paper.

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Tangle Patterns: How to draw PHEN

Painting Light in Winter Landscapes  (tutorial uses oil paint, but technique can be used with any medium)
free online class--euphoric ephemera with Tammy Tutterow Collage Tutorial
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Wednesday Craft Challenges

Become a Letraset Product Tester-- The testing will take place during office hours at our offices in Shepherd's Bush, West London (easily accessible via public transport) and will take about an hour. As a thank you for your time and participation, you will receive approx. £30 worth of free Letraset products.  No reimbursment of any travel costs. If…

Scribbler Too does color too #ScribblerToo #LifeImitatesDoodles

I prefer playing with the Scribbler Too effect in black and white more than in color.  The lines seem to get extra spiky, when you start working color over color.  But it's still fun!

I really had to do fix-up work on this one.  For some reason, I thought red foxes had black faces (maybe some do).  Anyway, I didn't feel I had the mask right, so I looked up some photos and not a not a black face among them.

And I hadn't done a landscape yet.  So, I did.

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Journal52: Prompt 06 - The Lost Art of Love Letters #Journal52 #LifeImitatesDoodles #ArtJournaling

I've joined a free year-long journal prompt group, Journal52, run by Chelle Stein.  My goal is to keep it quick and easy, no planning, no fretting, no criticizing, just exploration and fun.

The yellows in this scan aren't correct--they are much lighter and, except for the heart, there is a green cast to them in real life.
Sorry, I didn't take any pictures of my process.

I kept my pages simple, despite starting out with the wrong blue.  I meant to pick up Ultramarine Blue but mixed Primary Cyan and Quinacridone Burnt Orange instead.  Ultramarine Blue and Quin Burnt Orange make a nice black.  Primary Cyan and Quin Burnt Orange? Meh.

I made up for that by dry-brushing on Ultramarine Blue in areas.

The whole layout was done in layer.

My heart was cut out from different paper, painted with Titanium Buff, and glued on, with some of the edges left unglued.  I tore strips from a music sheet and glued them down.

Then I started adding color, pure Ultramarine Blue, pure Hansa Yellow…