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Win a Decopatch Papier Mache Mask #Decopatch #Zentangle #DayOfTheDead

There's still time to enter to win a papier mache mask from Decopatch with plenty of time to decorate it for Halloween or Day of the Dead.  Two decoupage papers are included, but the possibilities are endless.  Paint it, tangle it, decoupage it -- I did all three!  To enter and/or read my review and see the three ways I decorated my mask, head to my blog post here.

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Sunlight through Petals #Strathmore #Watercolor #ArtJournal

Day 8 in my 10-day watercolor a day journal. Much better than my flowers from Day 4, though I have a bit of a 'floating' flower syndrome going on.

Recently, I bought some art supplies from Cheap Joes,  There was a promotion going on and I received a free 5 ml tube of Rembrandt Permanent Red Light (PR254/Py154).  I wanted to try it out. It makes a light salmony pink, and isn't very strong as reds go, so it's nice for making pink because it doesn't get too dark, too fast.

However, I needed something cooler for the shadows, and it went lavendery gray rather quickly when I added Ultramarine Blue.  So I used Quinacridone Rose for the very darkest areas.

As I've mentioned before Quin Rose is one of those powerful colors.  It also doens't move very well (which means it doesn't spread much even when mixed with lots of water).  This was a painting that lent itself to hard edges, so I used that characteristic, and was careful not to over-blend the edges of my oth…

Journal52 Week 32 Prompt: Perspective #Journal52 #Watercolor #ArtJournal

This is a bit of a cheat.  I'm using it as my response to a Journal52 prompt, but it is also Day 7 in my 10-day watercolor a day journal.

I saw that the latest Journal52 prompt was Perspective.  I've been wanting to do a winery landscape just for the purpose of practicing perspective (not one of my strong suits).  So in my 10 day watercolor journal, I chose to fullfill both purposes by painting this picture.

I used Quiller watercolors - Cadmium Yellow Light, Permanent Green, Phthalocyanine Green, Ultramarine Violet,Permanent Orange and Magenta.  The journal is filled with Strathmore 500 series Aquarius II watercolor paper.  I used Silver Black Velvet brushes -- 1 inch flat, 3/4 cat's eye and no. 6 round.

I was trying to stick with paintings that I could do in half an hour or so, but I'm finding that it is hard to do. I love Ultramarine Violet for shadows, but it is a weak color, and requires several glazes to get proper values. And every time I do a glaze (a wash of co…

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Tiger Passing #Watercolor #NegativePainting #KDAllegriClass

I started fall watercolor class with the wonderful teacher Kathy Delumpa Allegri.  We started off with Negative painting where you paint the spaces between objects, rather than painting the objects themselves.

The first painting we did was monochromatic - one color used in layers to build up to darker values.  I used Daniel Smith Quinacridone Burnt Orange for mine.

The challenge for the second was to use two colors.  I didn't like the way my Daniel Smith Hansa Yellow Lt and Quinacridone Rose mixed together, so I decided to add a third color (I have done this kind of painting before, so I already had some idea of how to do it), and chose Phthalocyanine Green.

After I had done lots of spaces between, I decided to add shadows, and use the Green over ALL the colors.  I think if I sat high in a tree and watched a tiger stroll below, it would look something like this.

Owl Be Seeing You #Strathmore #Watercolor #ArtJournal

Day 6 in my 10-day watercolor a day journal.  I decided to try something different.  This painting was NOT done in 1/2 an hour.  More like two hours.

My husband loves it when I do paintings of critturs, so I decided to do an owl.  And I ended up fussing with it.  Ah well.

This was painted with a limited palette -- Quiller Permanent Orange and Ultramarine Blue, Qor Quinacridone Gold and Winsor & Newton Raw Sienna.  Orange and Blue mixed together give you a range of umbers, so most of the bird was painted with those two colors.  I just used different concentrations of each to get varying tones.

Have you entered yet? #Decopatch #Exaclair #Decopatch

Have you entered my latest giveaway for the chance to win a Decopatch Papier Mache mask and decoupage papers?  Head here to read my review and enter the giveaway!

And to see how I made the creepy doll centerpiece for the crown, head over to the Amazing Casting Products blog.

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Sunset in Gold, Blue and Magenta #Strathmore #Watercolor #ArtJournal

Day 5 in my 10-day watercolor a day journal.

My scanner insisted on picking up the Quinacridone Magenta even though the Ultramarine Violet in the shadows is more prominent in the real painting.  Like I said in an earlier post --magentas are powerful colors.  Even the spirits of the scanner machines bows down to it!

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Creepy Doll and the Papier Mache Mask #AmazingMoldPutty #AmazingCastingResin #Halloween

If you read my review of Decopatch's Papier Mache Queen mask (and giveaway!), you probably noticed the creepy doll on the crown.  On today's Amazing Casting Products' blog, I show you how I this fugly creepy doll from an innocent and rosy-cheeked little porcelain baby.

And if you haven't already entered, don't forget to check out my Decopatch Papier Mache Queen Mask giveaway!

Giveaway and Review of Decopatch Queen Mask and Papers #Exaclair #Decopatch #Halloween #DayOfTheDead #Zentangle

Halloween and the Day of the Dead are coming up fast!  So when I chose the prize for my August giveaway  (hosted for Exaclair, Inc.,) I looked for something suitable to the occasion.

I saw this Decopatch Papier Mache Mask and a couple of Decopatch papers, and ...voilà!  The prize was chosen.  There will be nine winners! Giveaway information can be found at the end of this review.

Queen AC315 Papier Mache Mask

Size:10 x 2 3/ 8 x 8 ½ Made exclusively for Decopatch®Hand-made from recycled paperEach piece is solid, not hollow insideNo priming needed before applying paper
Decopatch papers C469 and C590
Sheet Size: 11 ¾ x 15 ¾Very thin but strong and flexibleSmooth texture, allows invisible overlaysReal paint effect. Deep-dyedColorfast - colors never fade or runEasy to tear off - no scissors needed
Look & Feel
The mask:  It's light. It looks like solid cardboard at first glance, but then you see layers of paper showing that it is Papier Mache.  The surface is fairly smooth.  There ar…

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Desert Flowers #Watercolor #Strathmore #ArtJournal

Day 4 in my 10-day watercolor a day journal. I've realized that I don't really like the magentas.

Quinacridone Rose (more a cool red, but I still lump it in with the magentas because of the characteristics), Alizarin Crimson, Magenta -- that whole range of powerful, staining red to magenta colors.  They're beautiful colors, but mistakes are hard to fix, and it is so easy to go wrong with them.  I find myself avoiding them, which is probably a good reason to start using them more.  You never learn to use something by NOT using it!

Taraxacum #Strathmore #Watercolor #ArtJournal

Day 3 in my 10-day watercolor a day journal.

I've realized 1/2 and hour won't work for some paintings just because I have to work at getting the darker values.

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A Moment's Reflection #Watercolor #Strathmore #MGraham

Day 2 in my 10-day watercolor a day journal. Well, this was quickly done and I set it down, but then I picked it up and fussed some more once the initial washes were dry.

The initial painting was done with Ultramarine Blue (some color lifted for clouds) for sky and the farthest trees.  Permanent Green/Quinacridone Nickel Gold mixes of different ratios were used for the trees and grass.  The shadows were done with Ultramarine Violet and Quinacridone Rose and mixes of the two.

Then I mixed some Permanent Green into the Violet/Blue mix and added a glaze of it to a few areas of the main tree, and to darken the background trees, as well as the shadow running across the ground.

Overall, I thinking I did what was needed without over-fussing. Score one for me!

Amazing Birthday Puffin #AmazingMoldRubber #AmazingCastingProducts, #AmazingCastingResin

My husband has been bugging me to make a resin puffin for quite a while.  To see how I made this one for his birthday present, visit the Amazing Casting Product blog.

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In the Shadow of Trees #Watercolor #Strathmore #ArtJournal

Day 1 in my 10-day watercolor a day journal.

I don't plan to write in this journal, but I am writing about them in my blog, as you may have noticed.  So 'art' journal may be a misnomer, but I think I'm keeping to the spirit if not the exact meaning of the term.

This painting was mostly done with the wet-in-wet technique.  While I blocked the trees in with the initial washes, I did have to come back to build up the values.  I did a little lifting so I could warm up a few areas with some Hansa Yellow Medium.

Overall, I don't think I spent much more than 1/2 hour, which is the goal for this journal.

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Watercolor Journal #Watercolor #Strathmore #ArtJournal

One of my biggest problems when I paint ... when I do art of any kind ... is that I like to fuss.  I find it hard to stop, and keep trying for some unknown goal.

Finding myself in the mood to bind a book, I decided to make a small watercolor journal that I would
devote to quick daily studies, trying to keep myself to 1/2 hour at the most, and less if possible. It's only 10 pages, but I felt that was a decently long commitment.

I had an 8 x 8 canvas covered bookcover meant for book binding, and some Strathmore Aquarius II watercolor paper that I could easily cut to that size.  The Aquarius II is a good choice for something like this, because it's a synthetic/cotton blend that doesn't buckle or dimple when you paint on it, so stretching or taping it down isn't necessary.

After painting the cover with yellow acrylic paint, I glued down a quick watercolor study I'd done in the past, and used a purple sharpie to add the title, frame the painting and the contrasting spi…

Journal52 Week 24-Silly Animal Zoo #StillmanAndBirn #Creapen #LineandWash

This one is a stretch of the imagination!

My experience with going to the zoo is that half the time the animals are all hiding, and you just get glimpses of eyes, tails and fur hidden in the grass and trees.

So I went with that.

I used a Creapen brush pen over a wash of Daniel Smith's Lunar Blue watercolor in a 7x7 Stillman and Birn sketchbook.

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My Shape of Spike Drabble Series OR What I was doing 10 years ago.

I got an email today, letting me that one of my old (10 year old!) fanfic drabbles has been nominated for a fan award.  Ah, the memories!

Way back when, before I got into and out of ATCs, and before I discovered the joy of Zentangle and studying watercolors, I used to write Buffy the Vampire slayer fanfic for kicks.  My favorite character was Spike, and my favorite form was the 100 word drabble.  That is a story written in 100 words -- no more, no less.  In particular, I did a series of drabbles I called 'The Shape of Spike'.  Often neither Spike nor any of the Buffy characters appeared in these stories--the stories were about people who had been affected by Spike (and many would apply equally to Angel).

For those Buffy fans among my readers, I share the two stories that were nominated under the heading of Villain.  (For the second one, it helps to remember the story that Spike told Dawn once upon a time).

Summary: Pre-Series-late 1800s. Angst. Evil Spike. 

I cautious…

Journal52 Week 23-Small Success #StillmanAndBirn #Sakura #ArtJournaling

I haven't done much art journaling lately.  I wasn't doing much art work at all for quite a while.  Various reasons, all to do with real life, yadda, yadda and lol.  I'm glad to be back at it, though I doubt I'll try to catch up with all the Journal52 posts I missed.  Just go through and pick out the ones that interest me most.

The colors in this scan are off true.  I used Sakura's Moonlight Gellyroll pens on a dark blue background in a Stillman And Birn 7x7 Delta sketchbook.  The fluorescence always throws off my scanner.

This was an easy peasy page to do, though it wasn't quick.  The ink in gel pens flows sl--ow--ly so I just did one area at a time over several days.  I alternated the same colors over and over in different shapes, getting a nice mosaic effect.

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10 Minute Line and Wash Painting #Watercolor #StillmanAndBirn #Creapen

In one of my watercolor classes, I finished my project with about 15 minutes to spare.  I decided to use up some of the remaining paint on my palette and just started making swoops in the idealized style I've been playing with.  Then I looked at the swoops and decided the painting was an orchard. Added the background and then used a Creapen brush pen to do the linework.

Tsuru Bridge Plein Air and the Right Side of the Brain #Watercolor #PleinAir #Gresham

I attended a Plein Air session with Kathy Delumpa Allegri, back in July.  We went to a local Gresham, Oregon park designed to resemble a Japanese Garden, complete with bridge and beautiful plants.  That bridge, though.  Bridges are hard to draw.  Mighty, mighty hard with all that perspective and all. Lol!

I've found that plein air is very difficult for me.  It's like I forget everything I know about drawing and painting, and my work is consistently clumsy.

In a seeming switch of topic, I've been rereading Betty Edwards 'Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain'.

Line and wash seems to work better for me, and I wondered why.  Betty Edwards book may have the answer.  She talks about using the verbal/logical/step-by-step portion of the brain (the left side) versus using the non-verbal/intuitive/big picture right side of the brain.

Since I don't do much plein air, and one does view one's actual surroundings differently than one does a photograph, I believe I'…

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Watercolor on Claybord #Claybord #Watercolor #LifeImitatesDoodles

I meant for this painting to be done in the idealized style, but ... oops!

Surprise! This was my first time using Claybord. When you glaze over dry paint, said dry paint smears, or lifts off completely.  You've got to plan for that kind of thing, and I hadn't.  I had a vague idea in mind, and no reference photo (though I looked up a couple of waterfall pics after a few aborted tries).

After flailing around a bit, this was what I had.  I didn't totally hate it, but the style of the trees didn't match the style of the waterfall and the painting was bisected just too neatly.  I decided to see what would happen if I scrubbed with a magic eraser.


Turns out, you can almost entirely wipe away your painting on Claybord.  Blam!  I took part of a magic eraser to it, and those trees were gone!


My second try.  The composition was better, but I was turning green from all the green!  I scrubbed away the two front trees (sorry. I forgot to scan at that p…

Internet problems--but now I'm back!

I'm sorry I've been absent.  My WiFi went down on Tuesday, and I couldn't get a technician until this morning. Fortunately, I had several posts scheduled ahead of time, so you may not have even noticed I was gone, lol!

Obviously, there is no Monday link list, and probably there won't be one for Wednesday as I'll be trying to catch up.

My resource link lists should be back on schedule by Saturday.

It's good to be back!

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